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Eric Fisher Academy - Wichita KS

Join an Award-winning Cosmetology School

Are you ready to pursue your passion for beauty and embark on an exciting cosmetology career? Join the award-winning cosmetology school founded and led by Eric Fisher, one of the biggest names in the industry. Centrally located in Wichita, Kansas, Eric Fisher Academy will ensure you gain the knowledge and hands-on cosmetology training needed to succeed!

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    Earn $1,200 toward your tuition when you enroll in our June 17th cosmetology class!

    Hands-on Education with Real Salon Experience

    Eric Fisher Academy prepares students for greatness in career and life through superior instruction, higher standards, and insightful learning.


    Gone are the days a good haircut or facial are all that matter. To be successful in this industry, you need in-depth business training to prepare you for a prosperous career. At Eric Fisher Academy, you’ll learn the Prosper U FAST TRACK program created by Eric Fisher. FAST TRACK is an innovative, hands-on, results-driven curriculum that contains information, scripts, and systems in 9 easy-to-follow lessons that will teach you how to:

    • Develop your own personal practices for success
    • Attract your dream guests
    • Maximize your client base to increase your average ticket
    • Perfect “Legendary Customer Service”
    • Keep guests coming back
    • Manage the guest’s experience to build loyalty
    • Create your path to success

    Learn more about Prosper U here!

    Eric Fisher’s Pure Forms cutting and finishing system incorporates classic hairstyles with easy-to-follow techniques that can be used every day. Based on the three essential principles of length, graduation, and layers, you will learn how to create hairstyles that will easily fall into place, be easy for clients to style, and look great from haircut to haircut.

    As an Eric Fisher Academy cosmetology student, you will:

    • Master 8 in-demand haircuts
    • Learn advanced barbering techniques
    • Know the right cut for clients based on their face shape and features
    • Enter the industry with a Pure Forms diploma

    Eric Fisher Academy cosmetology students learn best practices and techniques for:

    • Single-process color
    • Foil highlights
    • Balayage
    • Advanced color application
    • Color correction
    • Vivid and fantasy colors

    FACT: Salon owners say blowouts are where 95% of stylists just out of beauty school fall short. Our cosmetology students have an advantage over the competition because they learn the Style With Knowledge program by Prosper U. Style With Knowledge teaches mastery of the styling secrets every successful hairstylist needs to know, including:

    • Understanding the elements for a complete style
    • Perfecting proper styling techniques
    • Brush selection for varying hair types
    • Using the right products
    • Following proven-to-work blowout steps

    As an Eric Fisher Academy cosmetology student, you will learn basic beauty techniques like matching skin tones, eyebrow mapping, and complementary colors using Make Up For Ever and Juvia’s Place cosmetics. Additionally, Eric Fisher Academy students enjoy professional-level discounts on MAC Cosmetics.

    Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other channels are all places to reach potential new clients and educate people about the services you offer. All Eric Fisher Academy students have the opportunity to experience Beauty as a Business social marketing curriculum. You’ll learn how to utilize your social media accounts as effective and powerful marketing tools to boost your brand awareness, strengthen client relationships and attract new clients before you even graduate!

    Let’s face it – earning great money is amazing but managing that money well is even better. We want you to have staying power in the industry and this means learning through Money Habits™, a proven financial foundations program specifically created for the professional beauty industry. And there’s no better combination than pairing up your new world-class EFA-taught beauty skills with personal finance mastery, right? Here’s what’s inside the Money Habits™ program:

    • Learn from passionate, financially-savvy instructors and work as a class to explore common topics, like money mindset, budgeting, savings, debt, and building wealth.
    • Work through real-life examples and workbooks in an easy-to-digest format to feel confident with money.
    • Create plans for your money, make a debt payoff plan while still enjoying (planned!) splurges, and so much more!

    This class is all about making money approachable and easy using tried-and-true financial wellness methods to set you up for financial success. Plus, it’s taught in a way specifically aimed for the professional beauty industry. Learning about money doesn’t have to be boring!

    Your Schedule

    Our cosmetology school program consists of 1,500 hours divided among four phases. Check out our upcoming class dates on our Get Started page.


    (10 weeks)
    Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

    In the Launch Phase, students deepen their understanding of the core values of cosmetology and the importance of maintaining their professional image. They’ll also become acquainted with social media marketing, while learning techniques for hair removal, makeup application, hair styling, permanent hair waving, color theory, and the Pure Forms Cutting Method, among other important skills.

    (10 weeks)
    Monday 9am – 5pm
    Tuesday 12pm – 8pm
    Wednesday – Friday 9am – 5pm

    The Fresh Talents Phase focuses on business and client service skills development, while continuing to finesse the Pure Forms Cutting Method. Students also will learn men’s hair cutting and advanced coloring, in preparation for the state board examination.

    (10 weeks)
    Tuesday – Wednesday 9am – 5pm
    Thursday 12pm – 8pm
    Friday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

    In the Salon Life phase, cosmetologists-in-training will master advanced techniques for nails, make-up, and razor-cutting. They’ll learn about coloring techniques, including balayage, and delve into the science of cosmetology with anatomy and physiology courses. In this phase, students participate in our much-loved photo shoot project and experience the profession firsthand while working on the clinic floor.

    (10 weeks)
    Tuesday 9am – 5pm
    Wednesday 12pm – 8pm
    Thursday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

    Students reaching the Thrive Phase look forward to participating in our celebrated runway show as they build their portfolios and prepare for state licensing. Advanced coloring, Pure Form Fast Forward, and additional salon training are rounded out with career development, resumé writing, and financial planning to help ensure all our EFA grads are ready for success.

    Eric Fisher Academy - Wichita KS

    Why Choose Our Cosmetology School

    Choosing the right cosmetology school matters. At Eric Fisher Academy, we not only prepare you to pass the State Board Exam, but also to make a great living. We’ve compiled a list of just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by joining Eric Fisher Academy.

    Eric Fisher, our world-famous founder and leader, feels extremely passionate about training the next generation of cosmetologists. He loves spending time doing demos, photo shoots and shows for the students. As an extra bonus, he works most Saturdays on the salon floor with Eric Fisher Academy cosmetology students.

    You will receive hands-on training week after week from award-winning instructors, and as an Eric Fisher Academy cosmetology student, you will work directly with Eric Fisher. Instructors at Eric Fisher Academy have been trained by Eric Fisher, plus they receive on-going education to learn the latest techniques to stay on the forefront of the industry.

    As a student of Eric Fisher Academy, you will practice on people and perform real-world services. Plus, our student-to-instructor ratio is low, so you’ll receive more hands-on training!

    One of the greatest benefits as an Eric Fisher Academy student is the interaction with celebrity guest artists. We regularly bring in top industry leaders, from NYC to LA, to help educate you! These artists perform demos, teach in the classroom and even work with you on the student salon floor.

    Every 10 weeks, our graduating classes collaborate to create a runway show. Lights, music, models, decorations, costumes, hair, make-up and theme—the students create it all! With a packed house of friends and family, we watch the models strut down the runway displaying the incredible hair and make-up skills of Eric Fisher Academy future professionals. These runway shows allow our students to gain experience in teamwork, event planning, and working hands-on with models in a fast-paced environment.

    All Eric Fisher Academy students participate in a professional photo shoot with Eric Fisher in our state-of-the-art media studio. Students find their own models and create hair and make-up looks that show off what they’ve learned during their time at Eric Fisher Academy. This is the ultimate opportunity for our hair school students to display their individual talents and work with a professional photographer to build their portfolios.

    While attending school, our students have the opportunity to compete in the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). NAHA is the most prestigious photographic beauty competition in North America, celebrating the artistry and skill of the professional beauty salon industry. Since we opened our doors in 2007, thirteen Eric Fisher Academy students have been finalists, two have won in the Student Hairstylist of the Year category, and one has won in the Makeup Artist of the Year category.

    View our NAHA collections here!

    What Eric Fisher Academy Graduates and Others are Saying

    Eric Fisher Academy is dripping with passion, talent, and structure. It’s a wonderful environment for clients and a limitless ocean of opportunity for aspiring hairstylists. Bailey Russell, Eric Fisher Academy Graduate
    I was impressed not only with the depth of instruction but the nuances that one might pick up after apprenticing with top performers for years. BJ Williams, Industry Professional
    Best education I have ever received! Love, love, love, the atmosphere, and the instructors along with the faculty! You all rock! Sylvia Fitchett Lisle, Eric Fisher Academy Graduate
    Incredible owner, staff and students. This is the place to be to further your education into a great career in cosmetology. Sean Casey
, Industry Professional
    I attribute my daughter's success to the education she received at Eric Fisher Academy! We look forward to her new career as a cosmetologist. Susan Schenck-Bradshaw
, Parent of an Eric Fisher Academy Cosmetology Graduate
    Best cosmetology school in the universe! All of the instructors are so fantastic and knowledgeable. Ashlyn Rae Simpson, Eric Fisher Academy Cosmetology Graduate

    The Investment

    Cosmetology school is not only an investment in your education, but in your future, too. Your tuition covers your participation in all the specialized training and activities for our cosmetology students, offered exclusively at Eric Fisher Academy. And with tuition at just $11.17 per instructional hour, you can be sure you’re getting great value from your training.

    Tuition, Fees and Kit

    • Tuition: $17,025
    • Application Fee: $100
    • Student Kit: $3,795

    All students receive top-of-the-line, customized Eric Fisher Academy career kits with all the tools needed to succeed.

    Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Find out more on our Scholarships and Financial Aid page.


    Cost Per Year

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    Academic Year 1Academic Year 2
    Application Fee$100$0
    Tuition ($11.17 per clock hour)$10,703.05$6,321.95
    Student Kit$2,385.79$1,409.21
    Total Charges$13,188.84$7,731.16

    Cost Per Payment Period (Tuition and Kit)

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    Payment Period 1Payment Period 2Payment Period 3Payment Period 4
    1-471 Hours472-943 Hours944-1,221 Hours1,222-1,500 Hours
    $5,351.53 (Tuition)$5,351.52 (Tuition)$3,160.98 (Tuition)$3,160.97 (Tuition)
    $1,192.90 (Books/Kit)$1,192.89 (Books/Kit)$704.61 (Books/Kit)$704.60 (Books/Kit)
    Total: $6,544.43Total: $6,4544.41Total: $3,865.59Total: $3,865.57

    Textbook Replacement Costs

    • Prosper U Business Training Program Kit: $225
    • Pivot Point Cosmetology Fundamentals 12-book Set: $201
      (ISBN: 978-1-940593-56-2)
    • Pivot Point Cosmetology Fundamentals Exam Prep: $47
      (ISBN: 978-1-937964-83-2)
    • Pivot Point Cosmetology Student Study Guide: $70
      (ISBN: 978-1-937964-82-5)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cosmetology is the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair and skin. This means cosmetology students have the opportunity to learn techniques like cutting, coloring and styling hair. Additionally, cosmetology students learn about the face and skin, which includes topics like waxing, skin treatments and makeup (depending on the school and state).

    One of the best parts of becoming a professional cosmetologist is the wide range of skills you can master when it comes to hair, skin and nails. Because of this, cosmetologists can hold a number of different jobs in the beauty industry, like hairstylist, salon owner, or beauty blogger! Depending on the career path you choose to pursue, your day-to-day activities can look completely different. Many people love this aspect of becoming a cosmetologist: the possibilities are endless!

    Cosmetology offers a wide range of possibilities and endless opportunities based upon your interests! As a licensed cosmetologist, you could pursue one of many careers:

    • Hairstylist
    • Barber
    • Hair Color Specialist
    • Makeup Artist
    • Manicurist
    • Wedding & Event Stylist
    • Salon Owner
    • Artistic Director (for salons or brands)
    • Platform Artist
    • Cosmetology Educator/Instructor
    • Editorial Hairstylist
    • Fashion Show Hairstylist
    • Celebrity Hairstylist
    • Hairstylist for Film & Theater
    • Beauty Blogger

    At Eric Fisher Academy, it takes approximately 10 months to complete the cosmetology program (depending on rate of attendance). If you are not located in Kansas, be sure to check your state’s requirements for each program.

    There are certain required steps you must take to become a licensed cosmetologist, and these steps will vary slightly depending on the state you’re getting your license in. As you work toward certification in your chosen specialty, you must attend a licensed school and complete the state’s minimum required training hours.

    To become a licensed cosmetologist in Kansas, you must complete 1,500 hours of training. When you either meet or exceed the minimum training hours to qualify for licensure, you’ll be required to pass a licensing exam issued by the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology. Once you pass this exam, you will receive your Kansas cosmetology license and be legally permitted to practice in approved beauty settings.