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Questions to Ask When Touring a Cosmetology School Questions to Ask When Touring a Cosmetology School

Gather Information So You Can Make Your Perfect Choice to Reach Your Goals

When you step onto a cosmetology school campus for a tour, it’s your chance to dig deeper and unravel what truly sets each institution apart. While brochures and websites offer valuable information, nothing beats a firsthand experience.

To truly get the most out of your tour, it’s important to show up prepared. This includes asking thoughtful questions that not only give you an idea of the cosmetology school’s values and program details, but also allows you to assess whether the school suits your lifestyle and goals.

When you tour Eric Fisher Academy, you receive a detailed run-down of our cosmetology program, qualifications, financial aid options, and more. Before you visit us, consider these suggested questions to ask as you explore our campus!

How Successful Are Your Program Graduates?

The best cosmetology schools are able to track annual performance and willingly share their statistics with prospective students. These statistics include student completion rate (the percentage of students who enrolled and graduated), graduate licensure rate (the percentage of graduates who went on to earn state licensure in their field), and employment rate (the percentage of students who found jobs in their field).

A good goal is for the school to have achieved at least 50% completion, 60% placement, and 70% licensure. At Eric Fisher Academy, our completion rate is 90.37%; our placement rate is 73.96%; and our licensure rate is 97.5%.

Is Your Program Accredited?

Cosmetology programs should be accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). This is an accreditation body that the United States Department of Education recognizes for post-secondary schools in cosmetology.

Eric Fisher Academy is accredited and in good standing with NACCAS.

What Does the Cosmetology School Curriculum Entail?

As you consider your goals, it’s essential to know what the curriculum of a cosmetology school covers. This will give you an idea of the skills and knowledge you’ll acquire during your education.

Understanding the curriculum of the program will help you determine if it aligns with your interests. On your visit, make sure to ask about the topics and techniques covered, such as hair styling, makeup application, nail care, and skincare.

At our cosmetology school in Wichita, our curriculum is broken down into phases: Launch, Fresh Talents, Salon Live, and Thrive. Each of these phases, amounting to 1,500 hours of coursework, deepens a student’s knowledge on cosmetology, hair care, salon life, and career development.

What Are the Cosmetology School Instructors’ Qualifications?

During a tour of any cosmetology school, don’t hesitate to ask about the qualifications of the instructors. Find out if they have industry experience, certifications, or advanced degrees. Where did they learn their skills? Do they participate in continuing education? Knowing that you’ll be learning from knowledgeable professionals with real-world experience will give you confidence in your education.

At Eric Fisher Academy, our instructors are experts in their craft. With optimal training and continuous professional development, each instructor has a diverse background that showcases their passion, talent, and award-winning cosmetology successes. Better still, they teach under the guidance of renowned cosmetologist, Eric Fisher, our school’s founder.

What Is the Student-to-Instructor Ratio?

One important factor to consider when touring a cosmetology school is the student-to-instructor ratio. This ratio can affect your learning experience and the amount of individual attention you receive. Ask about this ratio during your visit to get a sense of how many students each instructor is responsible for.

A smaller student-to-instructor ratio, like you can find at our Wichita cosmetology school, can often mean more personalized instruction and support. As you assess the cosmetology school cost, consider the value that a lower student-to-instructor ratio can provide.

What Does Hands-On Training Look Like At the Cosmetology School?

Hands-on-training can make or break your cosmetology school experience. Practical experience is essential for honing your skills and gaining confidence in your abilities. Ask if the school offers opportunities to practice techniques on real clients, as well as access to modern equipment and tools.

Hands-on training is not only valuable for your education but also for your future career. At Eric Fisher Academy, we pride ourselves on our hands-on methods that provide real salon experiences. Ask about this aspect during your visit to ensure you’re aware of the many perks and experiences you can gain from our cosmetology school near you.

What Equipment Is Included with Tuition?

When considering a cosmetology school, find out how up-to-date the school’s equipment is. Technology and trends in the beauty industry are constantly evolving, so you want to make sure you’re learning on modern equipment.

Ask if the school regularly updates its equipment and if they have the latest tools and technology. Learning on current equipment will better prepare you for the industry and ensure you’re up to date with the latest techniques. At Eric Fisher Academy, we personally handpick the best tools for our student kits, use the latest technology by providing iPads to every student, and implement state-of-the-art equipment for training.

What Does the Cosmetology School Cost? Is Financial Aid Available?

On your tour, inquire about cosmetology school costs and financial aid options. Understanding the financial aspect of your education is essential for making an informed decision. Ask about tuition fees, payment plans, and any additional expenses such as textbooks or uniforms.

The Eric Fisher Academy Office of Financial Aid assists students and prospective students through financial aid services and guidance in obtaining grants, scholarships, veteran benefits, and loans. By understanding the financial aspect and overall cosmetology school cost, you can better plan for your future and ensure that it aligns with your budget and goals.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

As you explore these questions, immerse yourself in the atmosphere, engage with current students, and trust your instincts. Take detailed notes so you can compare cosmetology schools and how they may align with your goals. Remember, this pivotal decision shapes your journey into the dynamic world of beauty and style!

Are you interested in Eric Fisher Academy? Request more information and schedule a tour! We’re excited to help you get started on your new journey.