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New Year’s Resolution: Time to Enroll in Cosmetology School New Year’s Resolution: Time to Enroll in Cosmetology School

Our Cosmetology Classes Near You Give You the Tools to Realize Your Dreams

The new year is fast approaching, meaning it’s time to reflect on the year behind us and set our sights on what we want to accomplish next. When many of us sit down to contemplate our New Year’s resolutions, we scribble down ideas about eating healthier, exercising more, or saving money.

Although these are all admirable aspirations, a new year offers a chance for you to explore new possibilities and embark on a new adventure. Consider what you’re passionate about and use the upcoming 365 days to dig in deeper. If you share our love for beauty, cosmetology school could be a great addition to your list of goals for 2024.

Maybe you’ve always had a knack for styling hair, or maybe you’re the go-to friend for all things makeup. Whatever the case, the world of cosmetology is ever-evolving, and enrolling in an award-winning cosmetology program can help put you on the cutting-edge of the industry. When you’re ready to use what you’ve learned in the real world, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Keep reading to learn why deciding to attend cosmetology school in 2024 could be your best resolution yet.

What’s Included In Cosmetology School Education?

At Eric Fisher Academy, we strongly believe in learning by doing, which is why we combine classroom instruction with hands-on training. When you’re enrolled at our cosmetology school in Wichita, you’ll gain knowledge and techniques you’ll use all throughout your career. We don’t simply want to prepare you for the next step, but rather the whole road ahead.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the skills you’ll acquire as a student in our cosmetology program:

  • Haircutting: You’ll learn eight in-demand haircuts and multiple advanced barbering techniques that help you create hairstyles that naturally fall into place, are easy for clients to style, and look great in between visits to the salon.
  • Coloring: Stylists receive a wide variety of color requests. We teach you best practices for single-process color, foil highlights, balayage, advanced color application, color correction, and vivid and fantasy colors, so you have a well-rounded understanding of how color can take a look to the next level.
  • Styling: Styling is one of the most important aspects of a haircutting appointment. It allows clients to see their whole look come together. At Eric Fisher Academy, you’ll perfect styling techniques that help your customers feel like their best selves.
  • Makeup Artistry: Our cosmetology program uses Make Up For Ever and Juvia’s Place cosmetics, so you can master basic beauty techniques, matching skin tones, mapping eyebrows, and coordinating complementary colors.
  • Business Know-How: Thriving in this industry is about so much more than being good with a pair of scissors and a makeup brush. Cosmetology is a business, and you also must know how to get new clients in your chair and keep existing ones. Our Prosper U business curriculum was developed by Eric Fisher himself and shares the tricks of the trade that helped him succeed.
  • Social Media Marketing: We live in a digital world, meaning that platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are some of the most effective for reaching and engaging with potential clients. Through our cosmetology classes near you, you’ll learn how to use social media as a marketing tool to increase brand awareness, strengthen relationships, and educate consumers about your services.
  • Financial Wellness: In order to have staying power in the industry, you have to know how to manage your money. Our instructors will provide a strong foundation for financial wellness, covering topics like working with a money mindset, budgeting, saving, debt management, and building wealth.

Keep in mind you’ll have the opportunity to put many of these skills into practice in our cosmetology school’s Student Salon & Spa. You’ll perform real-world services on paying clients to help you further hone your craft. Don’t worry, though – Eric Fisher Academy instructors will still oversee your work and offer guidance to help you achieve stunning results.

Get a Head Start on Your New Year’s Resolution and Enroll at Our Cosmetology School in Wichita

Make 2024 the year you pursue your dreams! Eric Fisher Academy has built a reputation as one of the leading cosmetology schools in the nation because of our commitment to superior instruction, higher standards, and insightful learning, and we’d love to have you join us.

We have cosmetology classes near you starting as early as January. Beginning the admissions process now ensures you’ll secure a spot before dates fill up.

Fill out our online form today to request more information or schedule a tour of our campus in Wichita. You can also reach our Admissions team by phone at (316) 440-4782. We can’t wait to hear from you!