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5 Types of Blow-Out Hairstyles 5 Types of Blow-Out Hairstyles

Take the First Step Toward Becoming a Style Expert When You Attend Beauty School

Blow-out hairstyles are among the most coveted in a salon. Clients seek help from their stylist to create a look they can’t easily accomplish at home. However, pulling off a beautiful blow-out is easier said than done – even for professionals. In fact, salon owners say this is where 95% of recent beauty school graduates fall short.

By enrolling in a program that prioritizes hands-on learning, cosmetologists-in-training can master the secrets of successful styling before they graduate. At Eric Fisher Academy, students have the opportunity to work in our beauty school salon in Wichita, Kansas, performing real-world services on paying clients. Guided by experienced instructors, they’ll perfect in-demand haircuts, coloring methods, and of course, the highly sought-after salon blow-out.

But just as no head of hair is the same, no blow-out is exactly alike. A blow-out simply refers to drying and styling hair after it’s been washed to achieve a sleek and smooth look. Clients can ask for a wide variety of ‘dos that warrant the technique, so you must understand its different applications.

Here are five blow-out hairstyles every aspiring cosmetologist should know.

Signature Blow-Out Hairstyle

When many of us think of a salon blow-out, we imagine an elegant and polished hairstyle that features straight volume at the crown of the head and loose waves at the ends. This option works well on nearly any hair length and texture, which is why it’s become such a classic choice.

One of the best parts of this blow-out hairstyle is its longevity. Clients can easily go from day to night without worry. In addition to your standard blow-out tools – a hair dryer, round brush, and heat protection products – you can use a light hairspray that offers extra hold, but doesn’t weigh down strands.

Stick Straight Blow-Out Hairstyle

You don’t have to use a straightener to give your client the soft, silky, and frizz-free hair they’re dreaming of. A salon blow-out can do the job and is less damaging than traditional heat styling or chemical treatments. You should apply some sort of smoothing product before beginning the blow-out process, though, to ensure the end result is flawlessly smooth.

Whether an updo or all-down style, straight hair offers incredible versatility. It’s also easy to maintain, so your clients’ locks can continue looking beautiful day after day.

Beachy Waves

This blow-out hairstyle is all about bringing the beach to the salon. In contrast to a signature blow-out, the tousled, textured look is captivating because of its imperfections.

These types of waves are ideal for everyday life and give off a relaxed, casual feel. Keep in mind that you may need to use a curling wand for any finishing touches. This ensures your style appears effortless, but not disheveled.

Volume-Adding Salon Blow-Out

If you have a client with naturally straight or wavy hair, it’s likely they’ll benefit from a blow-out hairstyle that gives their locks more movement and body. To enhance the shape and texture, you’ll need to prep the hair with a mousse or volumizing spray while it’s still damp.

During the drying phase, it’s important to point your hair dryer’s nozzle attachment toward the ends of your client’s hair. This focuses the air on the roots, lifting them and maximizing volume. If you’re still looking for a bit of extra oomph after the hair is dry, you can backcomb small sections of the roots. However, work slowly, as this can easily be overdone and make a style look unnatural.

Curly Blow-Out Hairstyle

Bouncy, full-bodied curls are a go-to option for special-occasion styling. This salon blow-out is reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamor and creates a show-stopping look for weddings, holiday parties, birthdays, and more.

Rather than stopping after gliding a round brush through the hair, you’ll roll the brush back toward the roots while holding the hair dryer directly overhead to establish the curl. To lock in the style, opt for pins, rollers, or a curling iron, and give the hair time to cool.

Learn the Art of Blow-Outs Near You at Our Beauty School Salon in Wichita, Kansas

Clients invest their hard-earned dollars to look their best, meaning when searching for a blow-out near them, they want to visit a professional that will make it worth every penny. To help those in your chair feel their most beautiful, you need the right foundation.

Through our beauty school and salon in Wichita, Kansas, you’ll acquire tools and techniques that will serve you now and well into the future. It’s our goal to prepare you for success in your career and life, and blow-out hairstyles are only just the beginning.

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