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A Walkthrough of Our Student Salon and Spa Services A Walkthrough of Our Student Salon and Spa Services

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge with Hands-On Cosmetology Training

At our cosmetology school in Wichita, we believe one of the best ways for students to learn is by doing. When you attend Eric Fisher Academy, you’ll not only take cosmetology classes, but you’ll also get hands-on experience in our Student Salon and Spa.

After first learning the latest hair and skin care techniques in a classroom setting, students have the opportunity to put it into practice on the salon floor, while still supported by instructors. By performing real-world services, cosmetologists and estheticians in training are better prepared for life post-graduation.

After all, that’s what we’re all about at Eric Fisher Academy. Our aim is to help you pursue your passion for beauty and set you up for a successful career in the industry.

Keep reading to learn more about our Student Salon and Spa – and the skills you’ll master while you’re here.

Our Student Salon Services

Salon life is energetic, fast-paced, and undeniably rewarding. As a stylist in our Student Salon and Spa, you’ll have the chance to experience this environment even before becoming a licensed cosmetologist.

You’ll work with paying clients to develop more than your beauty skills. You’ll also learn how to effectively communicate with customers, adapt to varying needs, and provide exceptional service. Not only will this help you build your portfolio, but you can begin growing your client base early on as well.

Here are some of the services you’ll perform in our student salon:

  • Haircuts and Styling: You’ll shampoo, cut, and style all lengths and textures of hair. Whether your client is seeking the perfect pixie or a special occasion updo, you’ll help create a look that makes them feel their most beautiful.
  • Color: Part of your cosmetology training will involve learning best practices for coloring hair. When you’re working in our student salon, you’ll refine techniques like single-process color, foil highlights, balayage, advanced color application, and color correction.
  • Texture: Many clients are interested in changing their hair beyond cut and color. In these cases, a special treatment can be applied to alter hair texture. Perms, relaxers, and Brazilian blowouts are all services we offer – and methods you’ll fine-tune.
  • Nail Services: Cosmetology is about so much more than being good with a pair of scissors. You have to be a well-rounded beauty professional to make your mark in the industry. With this in mind, our student salon is the ideal setting for mastering manicures and pedicures.

Our Student Spa Services

Cosmetology classes only scratch the surface of what we do at Eric Fisher Academy. Aspiring estheticians also attend our award-winning school to study and train in an unparalleled environment.

Esthetics students work in the spa portion of our student salon, providing a calm and relaxing setting for clients to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate their skin. Helping actual customers gives you hands-on experience with all skin types and allows you to see the impact of your efforts in real time.

Check out just some of the things you’ll do:

  • Facial and Body Treatments: As an esthetician, there’s nothing better than working with clients to realize their skin care goals. In our Student Salon and Spa, you’ll provide a wide range of treatment services, which can include facials, microdermabrasion, chemical resurfacing, cold laser therapy, nano needling, body exfoliation, and more.
  • Waxing: More and more individuals are tossing their razors and seeking out waxing services to get rid of unwanted hair and enjoy smooth, even skin. Our spa offers full face and body waxing, so you can develop your skills in all areas.
  • Lashes and Brows: No sets of eyelashes and eyebrows are exactly alike. Clients have varying needs that largely depend on their face shape and features. To truly understand extension, lift, tint, and lamination services, it’s key to take them beyond classroom instruction and perfect them in our spa.
  • Makeup: Makeup is an art form, and clients will look to a professional like you to achieve a look that showcases their best features and gives them confidence. Whether they’re envisioning something basic or more dramatic, you’ll use the beauty techniques you were taught in class to make it a reality.

Become a Beauty Expert While Performing Real-World Services at Our Student Salon and Spa

The saying goes that practice makes perfect, and if you ask us, that couldn’t be more true when it comes to the world of beauty. By combining cosmetology classes with practical cosmetology training, we ensure our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to stand out from the crowd.

The cosmetology and esthetics industries are competitive ones, and graduates must be ready to hit the ground running. Introducing students to the real-world salon and spa environment while they’re in school gives them a leg up on the competition when it’s time to apply for jobs.

Ready to embark on an exciting journey in beauty and pave your way to a prosperous future? Contact our cosmetology school in Wichita for more information.