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Why Summer Is a Great Time to Start a Cosmetology Program Why Summer Is a Great Time to Start a Cosmetology Program

Your Beauty School Journey Begins at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita

Have you been trying to find the right time to apply to beauty school? The fall tends to be a popular time to start school, but why wait? At Eric Fisher Academy, we offer start dates for our cosmetology program year-round, but summer can be the perfect time to begin your education.

We’ve seen students step out into the world and thrive after attending our school. Joining our program in the summer can kick start your cosmetology career, especially if you’re ready for a new beginning. We obviously want you to do what’s best for your lifestyle and schedule, but starting our program in the summer comes with some awesome perks you might not know about yet!

Get A Head Start in Our Cosmetology Program

Beat the back-to-school crowd and start beauty school in the summer! If you’re fresh out of high school, starting the summer after you graduate gives you a head start ahead of your peers. Plus, depending on your rate of attendance, you can finish the cosmetology program in as little as 10 months, and get to start your career before you even know it.

Our award-winning cosmetology program is broken down into four 10-week phases:

  • Launch Phase
  • Fresh Talents Phase
  • Salon Life Phase
  • Thrive Phase

These phases prepare you for your cosmetology career and deepen your knowledge and understanding of haircare.

When you begin our cosmetology program, you’ll start with the launch phase. This is a great way to spend the summer months, as you’ll be learning about social media marketing, techniques for hair removal, makeup application, hair styling, permanent hair waving, color theory, the Pure Forms Cutting Method and other important skills.

Learn Summer Hair Techniques at Our Cosmetology Program

With a new season comes new hair trends, and summer brings with it tons of new styles, cuts, and colors for everyone to try. What better time to start practicing your hairstyling skills than a busy season like summer? It’s the perfect time to try out the new approaches you’re learning without the distraction of the holiday season.

As a top cosmetology program in the area, we give you all the tools you need to ensure you’re able to perform to the best of your ability. Our student-to-instructor ratio is low, so you’ll always have a helpful hand during your training!

Watch Your Work Hit The Runway in Our Cosmetology Program

When you start our cosmetology program in the summer, you’ll finish your first 10 weeks at the end of the season. You’ll then have the opportunity to showcase your work on a collaborative runway show. Students produce, design, and style the entire event! Watch your hard work and new skills strut down the runway in front of friends and family and gain important skills when it comes to cosmetology and management.

Join Prosper U by Eric Fisher at Our Cosmetology Program

As one of the top cosmetology programs in the region, you’ll find unique and genuine opportunities to set you up for success. A unique element at Eric Fisher Academy is our Prosper U by Eric Fisher curriculum. This innovative program allows you to learn important business management skills to help you grow your career. Whether it’s building a healthy salon culture, growing your client base, or earning the big bucks, this program prepares you for the industry.

In this program, you’ll also learn how to:

  • Develop successful personal practices
  • Perfect “Legendary Customer Service”
  • Build strong customer loyalty
  • Maximize productivity and efficiency
  • Create a unique career path

This added element in our cosmetology program can get your career up and moving faster because you’re prepared for the business side of beauty. If you’re finding yourself with an open summer schedule, Prosper U can get you ahead and ready for the rest of your cosmetology career!

Join Our Cosmetology Program This Summer!

Are you ready to make your cosmetology dreams come true? Now is the best time to apply to our beauty school just in time for summer courses. Once you’re registered and signed up for your first class, your new life begins! You can start the application process online, visit our school, or contact us for more information on the program.