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5 Ways to Sharpen Your Cosmetology Social Media Presence 5 Ways to Sharpen Your Cosmetology Social Media Presence

Our Cosmetology School Curriculum Includes Business Management and Building Your Client Base

A surprisingly important part of your cosmetology journey doesn’t have a lot to do with hair. It’s one thing to finish your cosmetology program – but then how do you get new clients when you’re ready to start working? That’s where social media marketing for cosmetologists comes into play.

Once you’ve graduated cosmetology school, having a social media presence is about marketing yourself and your skills so local searchers can find you.

What kind of clients do you want?

Who are you marketing to?

It’s important to show off your skills, especially in a day and age centered so heavily around social media. Some people can make their entire careers based just on social media recommendations and having a following online.

This is much easier said than done. You must know what to post, when to post, what hashtags to use, and who to follow. Fortunately, we have some handy tricks for you to help sharpen your social media presence and hone in on your clientbase online. Refer to the following five tips to boost your social media engagement and organically grow your client base.

#1: Use Hashtags and Geotags

One of the most tried-and-true methods of social media marketing for cosmetologists is the use of hashtags and geotags. These tags help potential clients find you. Simply by searching for what they’re looking for, your account will pop up!

Using tags like #highlights or #haircuts won’t get you far because they’re too broad. Add in location-based hashtags, like #wichita, your salon’s signature hashtag, and other popular hashtags your clients might search for.

Geotags work similarly – if you tag your location regularly, when someone looks up your city or town, your posts will show up. This brings in clients who didn’t even know they were looking for a new stylist, and they won’t be able to resist checking out your page.

When you’re in cosmetology school, knowing what makes you stand out will help build your brand. Hashtags and geotags should be personalized to what you do best!

#2: Post Consistently and Intentionally

While you’re in cosmetology school,set up the social accounts you want to use to represent your work. Existing on these platforms won’t bring the masses to you. It’s important that you maintain a consistent and reliable presence, especially with the ever-changing world of social media algorithms. Do some research on the best times to post on social media by channel to maximize your audience.

In addition to posting consistently, you should also keep your feed dynamic. Posting a variety of content will boost your page and give you more viewers. Whether it’s video, photo, or stories, providing a range of content shows folks you care about what you’re posting and increases engagement.

However, no one likes having their feed spammed. Avoid bulk content uploads. Instead, spread your posts out throughout the week. Industry experts agree that posting during the lunch hour will get your content more attention. Remember, when you post is just as important as what you post.

For more marketing hints, join our Wichita cosmetology program. You’ll learn effective marketing strategies for getting your content noticed as part of our business curriculum at Prosper U!

#3: Show Your Clients You Care

When you’re in cosmetology school, you’ll have tons of clients coming in to see you at the student salon. Remember to take before and after photos to show off your hard work! Photos are an effective way to showcase to your followers how you’re transforming your clients and growing as a stylist. When you post your work, you’re telling a story – what did the client go in wanting, and how did you achieve that look for them?

Social media marketing for cosmetologists ensures your clients are getting the love and attention they deserve even after they leave your chair! Tag them in your content and encourage reposts, likes, and comments. The more interaction you give, the more you’ll receive back.

#4: Get Creative With Engagement

Let’s be real – managing your social accounts can feel like a full-time job! However, staying up to date on trends, thinking creatively, and making your cosmetologist social media marketing a priority will prove rewarding in the long run.

Get creative with how you engage with your audience. Repost fun content that speaks to you and shows everyone your personality. This not only lets people know there’s a real person behind the account working toward their dream, but it also allows you to explore the industry.

Once you’ve established your career, you can engage with your followers in strategic ways, such as giving away a bottle of your favorite hair product or hosting silly photo caption contests. Both are smart components of social media marketing strategy for cosmetologists because it gets your followers interacting with your content and could potentially boost your account on For You pages or other feeds.

#5: Share Your Secrets

In our Wichita cosmetology program, you’ll find yourself learning new tips, tricks, and styles. Leverage your social media presence by sharing your learning journey! As you go through cosmetology school, you’ll find tons of products and tools that you love to use. When you share these with your followers, you’ll not only be helping them, but you’ll also be building trust and sparking conversations.

By practicing smart social media marketing for cosmetologists, you’re creating a community of clients and followers. Build loyalty by sharing your knowledge and become a source of expertise for all your followers’ cosmetology questions!

Are You Ready to Start Your Cosmetology School Journey?

When you go through our Wichita cosmetology program at Eric Fisher Academy, the skills you learn go beyond beauty – we make sure you’re ready to run a successful business through our specialized curriculum focused on social media marketing, business management practices, and financial literacy.

Our Beauty as a Business social marketing curriculum and Prosper U program ensure that you walk away with the tools you need to manage your social media accounts and build your brand awareness.

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