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Spring 2023 Hair Color Trends to Watch Spring 2023 Hair Color Trends to Watch

Try These Incredible Color Trends with Help from a Cosmetologist Near You – and Learn How to Create Them Yourself in Hair Stylist Training

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, we all start to hear that little voice in our heads – should I dye my hair? Spring is the perfect time to try out a new style, revamp your wardrobe – and definitely try a new hair color!

We can’t help it; that itch for something new is bound to come, and spring is the perfect season to change things up with your hair color, especially after a long winter.

There are endless colors and styles to choose from when you’re looking for something new to do with your hair, and the trends are constantly changing. It can be pretty overwhelming at first, but no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a stunning new look that will work for you.

With an emphasis on hair coloring education, our hair stylist training program stays up to date on some seriously cool hair color trends that are popping up, and they’re definitely worth trying out.

Try Contrasting Highlights

The winter can get you feeling pretty bored of your hair, or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve found yourself in your cosmetologist’s chair and you’re in need of a serious refresh.

What’s great about this hair color trend is that you can choose how dramatic you want to go.

Create a natural look with warm, bright highlights that will have you looking like you just spent all winter basking in the sun – or go wild and hop on the chunky highlight train for a dramatic, striking look!

No matter what kind of highlights you choose to go with, they will create beautiful movement and dimension in your hair.

Go Strawberry Blonde with Help from a Cosmetologist Near You

You might have noticed some of your favorite celebs working the red carpet with a beautiful trending hair color: strawberry blonde.

Soft red with blonde highlights is perfect for springtime and will brighten up your style all on its own. This approachable color is a great trend to try if you’re unsure of making a big change, but want a refresh for the new season.

Embrace Dusty Rose Tresses

We’re seeing shades of pink everywhere this spring, but with a twist. This dusty rose hair color will make you feel like the main character of an indie film with its soft hues and pretty dimension.

This delicate pink and violet color turns heads, but also fades nicely during the grow out process, so the upkeep isn’t as intense as a vibrant pink or red.

Experience the Magic of Pearlized Colors

You don’t need hair stylist training to know this seriously beautiful coloring will make anyone in a room turn their head in wonder.

You can add a pearl-like hue of any color to platinum blonde hair – pink, purple, blue – the list goes on. This color is reminiscent of traditional pastel colors popular in the springtime, but with a fun and modern take.

Auburn and Copper Tones Are Always Trending

You may think of these darker, red-orange colors as a fall trend – but these red tones are popping up everywhere this spring.

Those with hair coloring education have noticed this red hair trend spreading for a while, but these specific copper and orange tones are here to brighten up your hair for the warmer seasons.

Be Beautiful with Buttercream Blonde

If you’re feeling a little stagnant with the platinum blonde trend from winter, this beautiful, natural blonde color has a buttery soft look that’s perfect for the springtime.

It’s a mix of warm- and cool-toned highlights that makes your hair look healthy and bright. A cosmetologist near you can perfect this gorgeous color and give you a glowy upgrade for the season.

Get Dramatic with Dip-Dyed Ends

With winter coming to an end, everyone’s looking for a little more fun in their lives – and this cheeky hair trend is right there with you.

Someone with hair stylist training can help you get that perfect dipped look. This hair dye trend can be done with fun, unique colors like pink, purple, or blue – or you could keep it more subtle and dip-dye your ends blonde.

Get Hands-On with Hair Color

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