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Perfecting Your Blow-Out: Tips from Our Wichita Hair School Perfecting Your Blow-Out: Tips from Our Wichita Hair School

Learn How to Do a Salon Worthy Blow-Out at Home

Getting that perfect blow-out fresh out of the shower is not always easy – it takes technique and skill to get that sleek, frizz-free volume that makes you feel like you’re about to hit the red carpet.

Getting a professional blow-out can get pretty expensive – especially if you’re trying to get that ideal look every week. But a high quality blow-out can last for days and end up making your hair care easier and your hair shine all week long.

We’re here to help you perfect it on your own, so you won’t be dropping a ton of cash to get your hair done. Our cosmetology school in Wichita gives you all the tools and skills you need to do a perfect blow-out, at home and in the salon.

Follow these tips, and next thing you know, you could be inspired to start a hair stylist career!

What Is a Blow-Out?

A blow-out uses a blow dryer and round brush to add volume and heat to give your hair a blown out, sleek appearance. A professional blow-out typically includes a hair wash, a blow dry with a round brush, and touch ups with a flat iron.

How long a blow-out lasts is dependent on your hair, but typically, a well done blow-out can last three to five days. There’s also less heat damage with a blow-out, because the heat isn’t as high compared to a flat iron or a curling iron.

A blow-out uses professional techniques to get a long lasting, smooth, yet voluminous look. You could go to a hair salon near you to get a blow-out, but we’ve got a few tips for you that will have you perfecting your routine at home – saving you a ton and making you a blow-out connoisseur.

The art of a blow-out begins as soon as you’re done washing your hair. It’s not as simple as just blow drying – it’s also important to know what tools to use, how long you’re using them, and what techniques you’re using to get your desired results.

Tips For The Perfect Blow-Out

The Products

At our Wichita hair school,it’s best practice to begin the blow-out process with a high-quality wash and condition. A blow-out is pointless if you’re using unhealthy products, rushing your hair care routine, or not fully washing out your products.

Understanding your hair type allows you to know exactly what products work best for you – whether that’s adding volume, minimizing frizz, adding moisture, or controlling oils.

It’s important that you always use some form of leave-in conditioner before doing a blow-out – this will keep your hair healthy and protect it from the heat you’re putting on it.

The Brush

You don’t need a fancy, expensive hot brush to get your desired results. Just a high quality, round brush can do the trick!

The shape and style of your blow-out is dependent on the brushes you use. There are different sizes of round brushes that can be used for a blow-out depending on the level of curls, volume, and waves you’re desiring.

For that classic, blow-out look, we recommend a 1.5-inch round brush. This will ensure that not too much hair is being sectioned off and blown out. Using a round brush takes practice; learn how to handle it like a pro in our cosmetology school in Wichita.


Clips are an important part of the blow-out process – this is how you’re going to be able to get the desired volume and waves and hold the hair you’re not styling out of the way.

Keeping your hair sectioned off while styling your blow-out will make sure that you’re giving attention to the right sections of your hair and not missing any spots. These are an affordable tool to keep on hand, and will make the at-home process much easier.

The Movements

How you move the brush and blow dryer makes a huge difference in the quality of your blow-out.

Blow dry straight up and move the brush in the direction you want your hair to fall. Make sure you’re using the blow dryer and brush simultaneously and following the upward movement of your hair will ensure you’re getting the ideal volume and shine.

Another added tip is using the cold button on your blow dryer – this “shocks” the hair and will keep it from frizzing up from the heat.

Touch Ups

Although we don’t recommend using a flat iron for the blow-out process, it comes in handy when you’re done with your blow-out, you’ve taken the clips out, and you’re noticing just a few stubborn pieces that need to be touched up.

To add some extra shine once you’re done with your blow-out, consider a spritz or two of some hydrating oil – this will make sure your blow-out looks even sleeker and will keep your hair moisturized for longer.

Master More Than Blow-Outs at Our Wichita Hair School

With all of this in mind, you’ll be giving yourself blow-outs in your sleep – and everyone will think you look salon-fresh every day.

If you’re inspired by these styling tips, consider joining our cosmetology school in Wichita – enrolling for the spring right now!