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How to Tame Winter Hair Static How to Tame Winter Hair Static

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If you’ve ever walked across your carpeted apartment floor in just your socks and reached for the doorknob to your bedroom, then you know exactly what a static charge can do! Especially a problem in the winter, static electricity builds up when your hair (or socks or floor) have too many positive or negative electronics. Those have to go somewhere to return to neutral.

When your hair gets staticy, it’s because these extra electrons are making each hair strand repel from each other – and it starts floating above your head like you’re in some kind of antigravity chamber. And dry winter air is the perfect environment for unmatched electrons.

So how do you fix the problem and tame your winter hair static? Good news: you don’t have to attend hair school to learn how. But we highly recommend it – as you’ll also learn many other important things about hair styling and care in a cosmetology program.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized Using Professional Wichita Hair Salon Products

When it comes to nourishing your tresses, skip the overly-formulated hair products off the drugstore shelf. These hair products usually have ingredients lists that are overwhelmingly long, with unidentifiable substances.

Instead, opt for professional salon products to moisturize your hair, including hair oils and moisturizing masks. Even choosing the proper shampoo and conditioner and only washing your hair as needed – not every day – can help you tame winter static.

Our Central Kansas hair school students not only learn about hair products, but they’ll also discover how healthy hair grows and how to help clients struggling with dry hair and scalp.

In a Pinch, Everyday Household Goods Can Help!

If you don’t have access to a Wichita hair salon every time your hair is affected by static, don’t stress! You can try some easy household remedies instead – and you don’t even have to go to hair school to learn them.

Some people like to use dryer sheets to help tame their winter hair static. Yes – the very same ones you use for laundry. For this trick to work, you need only to gently rub the sheet all over your hair, working downward from root to tip.

You should be choosy about the kind of dryer sheets you’re using in your laundry – so only use the ones with natural ingredients on your hair, too, and never rub the dryer sheet across your scalp.

You also can use static prevention sprays, also meant to be used on clothing to reduce static cling. Spray this directly onto your hair brush so as not to encourage any static build-up as you style, or you can lightly spray it directly onto your hair. It doesn’t take much, so use only the minimum amount.

In a pinch, light, unscented hand lotion can also be used to tame winter static, and you only need a tiny speck! Distribute it on the palms of your hands and lightly glide your hands down the length of your hair. You don’t want to apply so much that it’s visible in your hair; it’s just enough to block the static from sending your strands into the air on the wings of static!

How to Learn More Wichita Hair Salon Secrets for Taming Static

There are a lot more tips and trade secrets where these came from – and the best way to learn them is through first-hand instruction and observation at a hair stylist school near you.

In hair school, you’ll not only learn how to care for and nourish hair, but you’ll also master haircuts, perms, coloring, and more – plus delve into scientific subjects, like how hair grows, how chemicals work, and ways to prevent contamination in the salon environment.

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If you’re ready to become a hair expert and help others with styling and hair health, your first step is attending a hair school that best fits your personal goals. To find the right one, you must consider all your options and spend some time within their walls before making your decision.

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