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Romantic Hair Looks for Valentine’s Day: Updos, Curls, and More Romantic Hair Looks for Valentine’s Day: Updos, Curls, and More

Learn Them in Hair Stylist School – and Practice on Real Clients!

Valentine’s Day is all about romance. Many people opt to celebrate the holiday in a big way, shopping for a new outfit to wear to dinner or out for drinks, and spending hours creating the perfect hair and makeup look.

But if you aren’t a hair stylist, achieving the perfect up-do, blow-out, or head of loose curls can be a struggle. And Googling, “How to become a hairstylist in 30 minutes or less,” isn’t going to give you the answers you’re hoping for – or the knowledge of hot tools and products to create stunning romantic holiday hair.

For that, you’ll need to attend hair stylist school, like our Wichita cosmetology program at Eric Fisher Academy, where you’ll learn to master hair styles like these – and make them look easy.

Hair Stylists Create Perfect Romantic Loose Curls

There’s nothing romantic about accidentally styling your client’s Type 1 or 2A hair into tight Shirley Temple spirals! If they’d rather their special night be more Casablanca and less Curly Top, then you’ll need to master creating loose curls that hold up to flirty hair flips.

Start by applying a heat protection product to your client’s hair. Clip the hair into sections, which you’ll work on one-by-one. Spray each section with a light mist of hairspray, and use your curling iron in alternating directions. Twist the curling iron, moving down the hair stands as you twist, keeping your iron vertical. Release the hair from the iron, and let the curl cool and set. For the front pieces, be sure to curl away from your client’s face.

Apply a texturizing spray on each section and throughout the hair; tousle with your fingers or use a wide-toothed comb to gently loosen the curls.

Master a Tidy, But Casual Rolled Up-Do in Hair Stylist School

The secret to updos is how they’re secured. Hairspray, bobby pins, and other tools of the trade make a style last for hours. In the case of a rolled up-do, you’ll need only an elastic headband and bobby pins to create the look.

Choose a headband with significant elastic that fits comfortably on the head. Because the headband will be visible at the crown, it should coordinate with your client’s holiday outfit.

Start by brushing your client’s hair back and creating either a side or center part. Pull the headband down over all the hair, so that it sits low on your client’s head. All the hair should be beneath the headband at this point.

Gather one- or two-inch sections of your client’s hair and begin tucking them around the headband, starting at one ear until you reach nearly the center, and then moving to the other, until it forms a roll. Your final piece to tuck should be the one at the very back of your client’s head. Use bobby pins to secure the style; you can even use a few to keep the headband in place if it’s prone to movement. Spray the style to secure it using hairspray appropriate for your client’s hair texture.

Hair Stylist Tip: Leave bangs and a few front strands loose to add an element of romance; give them a little soft curl for an even better effect.

Learn How to Master Volumizing Blow-outs in Our Wichita Cosmetology Program

A vivacious, big blow-out adds life to hair that would otherwise fall flat for date night. And because most salon owners say their chief concern with newly-minted cosmetologists is that they haven’t mastered the blow-out, we focus highly on the process at Eric Fisher Academy.

For those who want to let their hair down on Valentine’s Day, the blow-out is the perfect style. To learn how to pull off the perfect one using professional trade secrets, you’ll have to attend hair stylist school here in Wichita!

A Sleek, Low Cascading Ponytail Adds an Element of Romance

Before starting hair stylist school, many people don’t know how to create a perfectly smooth, sleek ponytail without bumps or loose strands. The secret is in the right hair products and brushes, all of which you’ll have access to in our Wichita cosmetology program.

Start by smoothing the hair through a round of blow drying with your denham brush. You can opt for a hair straightening hot tool for extra smooth hair, if you wish. Don’t forget your heat protectant cream and smoothing products!

Give your client’s hair a deep side part, and pull it into a low side ponytail that sits just above the nape of her neck, on the opposite side from the part you created. Secure with an elastic, leaving about a half inch to an inch of space between the elastic and the scalp.

Split the hair above the elastic into two, creating a gap, and pull the remainder of the pony tail through this hole. Tighten the elastic to secure it, smoothing as you go. Add loose, romantic curls to the ponytail using your curling iron or a straightening iron technique. Let the ponytail cascade down the front of your client’s shoulder and arm.

Ready for Hands-On Instruction? Our Wichita Cosmetology Program Is Starting Soon.

If you have what it takes and are ready to discover how to become a hairstylist, then it’s time to enroll at Eric Fisher Academy, where our program delivers a balance of coursework and practical experience.

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