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Looking Good and Feeling Good This Holiday Season: 7 Winter Makeup Tips from Your Local Beauty School Looking Good and Feeling Good This Holiday Season: 7 Winter Makeup Tips from Your Local Beauty School

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Go glam for Valentine’s Day, elevate your day-to-day work look, or stunt pretty during girls’ night out with your friends when you try your hand – and eyes and lips – at these winter makeup trends.

You don’t have to complete beauty school or be a licensed esthetician to achieve winter make-up looks like these, but it certainly helps! (Don’t forget to moisturize to avoid the appearance of flaky, dry skin under your foundation.)

#1 – Bold Blush

This winter, beauty aficionados are applying blush all over. Use a luscious cream blush on the apples of your cheeks, along your cheekbones, and heck, even on your temples and brow bones! Set with a light powder blush on top.

Make sure both blush colors work well together and with your skin tone. And with creamy, dewy blush, you may not need as much highlighter; play around with products to find the right combination.

#2 – Under-Eye Liner

All hail the 90s! Grunge under-eye liner is back in a big way this winter – and when paired with smokey eye shadow, it’s the ultimate #MakeupGoals.

Use a blendable matte eye pencil on your lower lash line – and to line your upper eyelids before blending to create that smokey, two-day-old eye makeup look.

Don’t be tempted to actually make it a two-day look, though; always cleanse your skin before going to bed!

#3 – Graphic Wings

Precise lines are key to creating graphic winged eyeliner, another hot winter makeup trend. Your style and pattern is up to you, but be sure to choose a long-wear eyeliner that applies smoothly and neatly. Set with a spray to keep your look fresh all day and all night.

To achieve graphic winged liner, practice makes perfect. Be patient and work under adequate lighting for best results.

#4 – Red Lips

Red lipstick is timeless, and this winter is no exception. Rather than choose a summery bright red, opt for a darker, more muted tone, like brick red or purple-red.

Matte, silky lipsticks are perfect for winter; just be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before application for a smooth, flawless finish.

#5 – Extra-Long Lashes

Nothing is more seductive and alluring than long, fluttering eyelashes. This winter, they’re going to be much sought-after!

Achieve extra-long lashes one of three ways:

  1. Get lash extensions from a licensed esthetician. These false lashes last for a few weeks at a time, but require some maintenance on your part to keep them looking great.
  2. Get a lash lift from a licensed esthetician. This process is essentially a perm for your natural lashes, and they’ll appear longer and more curled after the treatment.
  3. Apply false lashes yourself, and remove them at night when you wash away your makeup. This is generally the most affordable option, as a pair of false lashes can be reworn a few times if properly cleaned and stored.

Want to get the look on a budget? The esthetics program at Eric Fisher Academy offers appointments for classic lash extensions at our student salon in Wichita. Call to make an appointment.

#6 – Moody Looks

Winter is the perfect time to bring out the darker-colored clothes in your wardrobe, so why not create a moody makeup look to match those hunter greens, maroons, and navy blues?

Keep your look monochromatic by using the same dusty or muted shade on your lids, cheeks, and lids, and break it up with your favorite eyeliner shade.

# 7 – Blue and Sparkly Eyeshadow

The frosty blue eyeshadow of the early 2000s is back in a big way. Think “Hit Me Baby One More Time”-era Britney for inspiration. And although you can laser a more translucent shadow, we love a creamy, iridescent, transparent option that evokes winter ice and snow.

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