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Social Media Tips for Aspiring Cosmetologists Social Media Tips for Aspiring Cosmetologists

Becoming a Cosmetologist Requires a Strategic Social Media Presence

At Eric Fisher Academy, the leading cosmetology school near you, we’re always discussing the value of social media in the world of cosmetology and esthetics to help our students understand what is required of stylists and estheticians if they decide to become a cosmetologist.

Cosmetology training is not only about learning the best techniques and honing those skills. Most cosmetologists maintain a presence on social media to show off their work, let clients know their personality, and even to become an influencer for products and services.

If you’re thinking about using social media as part of your dream of pursuing work as a cosmetologist, here are some tips we’ve discussed lately at Eric Fisher Academy.

1. Choose the Platforms Cosmetologists Find Most Effective

TikTok and Instagram may be your best bets if you’re looking to develop a social media presence as you become a cosmetologist. These two platforms offer the features and benefits that others in your profession use to be able to show off their work and connect with relevant audiences – and if you’re looking for cosmetology training, and eventually want to get into the same business, you’ll be able to join the conversation and make your voice and vision known.

Instagram’s Benefits for Cosmetologists:

  • An image-focused platform, you can easily show off pictures of your work, including haircuts, makeup, and more.
  • This app is useful for before and after images to show off your client’s transformations.
  • Most clients are familiar with Instagram, as the age-range for use of this app is very broad.
  • Soon, Instagram will feature a “Gifts” function that will allow your followers to tip.
  • Companies that sell hair and makeup products are always scouring this app for cosmetologists who will represent their brand.
  • There are many well-established techniques in place to get people looking at your posts and raise your follower count.
  • You can advertise your services on Instagram as well, and target them to people you know are interested in what you have to offer.

TikTok’s Benefits for Cosmetologists

  • This app is especially popular with younger users, and – since you’re now looking to become a cosmetologist – you can show off the latest trends and tips to an audience that is craving fresh content.
  • Users can tip you directly through the app, so as you share your services or have suggestions or tutorials to offer to your audience, this could be a potential revenue source.
  • The short videos on TikTok allow you to make an impact fast as you show off your techniques in real time, or even edit together a transformation video.
  • Short videos will also help you share your personality with users, so you can connect with them and establish trust.
  • You can also advertise on TikTok, ensuring that your name, skills, and talents are available to a target audience.

At Eric Fisher Academy, we wish you the best of luck as you pursue your dream of becoming a cosmetologist. When you enroll in our cosmetology program, you can receive further cosmetology training in how to use social media to your benefit. The premier cosmetology school near you, our curriculum always includes state-of-the-art, trending techniques.

2. Once You’ve Chosen a Key Platform for Cosmetologists, Strike a Balance with Posts

Most cosmetologists realize that there are some particularly effective ways to use social media to your advantage. One key technique is to ensure you’re including variety and balance in the posts you chose for your audience of followers.

Consider the following as a guide to help you connect with potential clients, continue your relationships, and advertise your services:

  • Include educational posts: Teaching your audience a skill is an important tool for those who want to become cosmetologists after going through cosmetology training. Users love content that helps keep them stay informed and engaged, so posting regularly about a beauty technique that users want to learn will get you a powerful audience.
  • Include promotional posts: Teaching your audience is one thing, but to make sure they understand what your talents, gifts, skills, and services actually are, you will want to promote these directly. Make sure your audience knows where they can find you, and what you can offer them.
  • Don’t forget engagement posts: Common on social media, engagement posts present an opportunity to talk with your audience and have them see you as someone who is “just like them.” These kinds of posts keep users returning to your profile to interact. Asking questions, responding to their comments, and allowing users to get to know a little bit of your personal life can help sell your business as trustworthy and relatable.

Eric Fisher Academy’s School is Enrolling a New Cohort in Cosmetology Training

Interested in learning more about how social media can help you learn more about what it takes to become a cosmetologist? The industry-leading cosmetology school near you can’t wait to have you join our discussions about social platforms, the cosmetology industry’s trends, and more. The fun of wanting to become a cosmetologist lies in the many opportunities to discuss what you love, and learn something completely new in the process.

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