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A Forecast for Cut and Hair Color Trends in 2023 A Forecast for Cut and Hair Color Trends in 2023

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One of the biggest topics on our minds as we transition into 2023 is this: what will be the biggest trends for haircuts and hair color? We love having conversations like this, because they force us to think toward the future, something that we encourage all of our students to do when they enroll in our esthetician school or cosmetology school in Wichita.

Being able to deliver on-trend hair coloring, cuts, makeup, and more is important, but being able to predict and lead trends can bring a stylist to the next level.

Here’s what we think will be hot in 2023 for haircuts and hair color.

The Top Hair Color Trends for 2023

As far as hair coloring is concerned, we’re thinking that these five color trends will explode in 2023. In fact, Eric Fisher Academy – the premier cosmetology school near you – has already been trying these out during our classes to see how they look in different styles, and how we can refine them.


This is an all-time classic hair color, but as more and more people get back into the world post-pandemic and want to show off their new look, we’re predicting that many will go for the platinum look. This color has been on the red carpet quite a bit this year, and we know that when this happens, we start to see it in salons as well. Learning how to do a flawless platinum look will certainly come in handy if you choose to become a cosmetologist. You’ll be sure to get requests for this and other trendy hair coloring techniques often.

In the past few years, we’ve seen reds, greens, and blues on our favorite musicians, celebrities, and models, and soon these hair coloring styles became staples in salons all over the country – and the world. Lilac is the next big color trend we’re just beginning to see emerge. We imagine this hair color will fully bloom in 2023, as it is so complimentary for many clients, and, therefore, hard to resist.

The Top Haircut Trends for 2023

Now, let’s move on to haircuts, focusing on two that could be paired with the hair coloring ideas above for a stunning new vibe.

The Asymmetrical Haircut

While we’ve covered some other potentially hot haircut trends in our Latest Happenings blog, we want to give the asymmetrical haircut a shout-out. This look, which has been popular in various forms throughout the past few decades, is coming back again for 2023. We see this cut as a future-forward choice in many discussions we’ve had at our esthetician school and cosmetology school in Wichita, because it’s a cut that bucks trends and empowers people to make nontraditional decisions with their looks. This cut allows you to look both tasteful and cutting-edge at the same time, so we bet we’ll see more of these on the runway, red carpet, and the local salon.

The Pixie Cut

We like the pixie cut because it has so many different variations that can work for everyone. It can be done very conservatively, or with an edgy indie rockstar vibe. It also can go professional during the day and styled for a night-out, so this cut is very versatile. Just as the lilac hair coloring trend is complementary to a variety of clients, the pixie cut is a popular choice because it accentuates faces so well. Look for the pixie cut in 2023. And don’t be surprised if your favorite celebrity tries one before the year is up.

Why Hair Color and Cut Conversations Matter at Eric Fisher Academy

Thinking of future trends is a manner of critical thinking that we strive to promote among all our students at Eric Fisher Academy. What makes us the leading cosmetology school near you is that we teach students how to think beyond what everyone else is doing.

That’s how new discoveries are made, and how the next experimental idea goes viral. Someone has to break ground first, and we want that to be you. At our esthetician school, as well as our cosmetology school in Wichita, we encourage our students to think outside the box. This is what Eric Fisher did when he founded our award-winning school, and – before that – in his career as an internationally recognized stylist.

Another way you can think ahead is by deciding you are going to fulfill your dream of going to a cosmetology school near you. Here’s how you can start the process of enrolling at Eric Fisher Academy to learn more about hair coloring, and more:

We look forward to how you’ll participate in our many lively conversations about hair coloring trends when you enroll! Our classes are taking new students now. Contact us by phone or text at (316) 440-4782, or fill out this form online.