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3 Holiday Hairstyles Your Hair Salon Clients Will Love 3 Holiday Hairstyles Your Hair Salon Clients Will Love

These are the Styles that We’re Mastering at Our Cosmetology School in Wichita

It’s the holiday season now, and that means it’s time for gatherings with family and friends; awkward work events, social gatherings you promised you’d attend, and perhaps even a few romantic evenings under the winter stars are in tow.

Hair salons are booking up fast with clients wanting to try something new to impress someone under the mistletoe, look their best for the holiday office party, or simply to reinvigorate their look for the new year ahead.

Eric Fisher Academy, our cosmetology school in Wichita, was founded on the idea that if we stay connected to industry trends and knowledge, becoming a cosmetologist in our program will be a rich, exciting experience for any student.

So, we’re always discussing what’s hot in our cosmetology training classes, knowing that if any of our students were to become a cosmetologist soon, they’d be up to date on what’s new for hair. Here are three holiday hairstyles that clients are asking for at hair salons everywhere.

1. High Buns are Popular at Hair Salons and Our Cosmetology School Near You

Eric Fisher Academy is especially into the high bun right now, because it’s a statement hairstyle that communicates. It’s elegant and powerful, and sometimes during the holidays you need a blend of both. At an office party, the high bun allows you to dress up and have fun, while still reminding yourself and others that the dynamics of work culture are still in play, and you’re a boss. What’s more, the high bun can be accessorized in tasteful ways, and also gives you more room to show off your makeup game, as there is no hairstyle that exposes your facial features like the bun.

When you enroll in Eric Fisher Academy’s cosmetology school in Wichita, you’ll have discussions with your peers and teachers about the hairstyles that are currently dominating hair salons, the red carpet, and the fashion runway. You’ll analyze these styles for what they communicate about a client, and what styles are appropriate for different types of hair. If these kinds of deep conversations about styling get you thinking about training to become a cosmetologist, look into our cosmetology school near you.

2. Holiday Glam is a Hair Salon Fav – and a Favorite of Students in Cosmetology Training, Too!

Holiday glam is a look that is straight out of classic Hollywood movies. With a glossy cascade of curls and a distinct part, this hairstyle is often seen on the red carpet paired with a bold red lip. Evoking the stars of the silver screen, this look is perfect for a night out during the holidays. We can imagine someone pulling off this look at a romantic candlelight dinner, riding in a horse-drawn carriage through the snowy city streets, or as a head-turning statement at an otherwise basic holiday party.

One question we ask our students who are currently in cosmetology training is this: when would you recommend the holiday glam hairstyle? What are the most challenging parts of pulling off this style? What makeup recommendations would you have? These questions and more make our students’ experiences far more rich, as it makes them think about the kinds of decisions they’ll make if they choose to become cosmetologists.

Eric Fisher Academy loves to ensure that our students are having authentic discussions about the practice of hair styling at our cosmetology school in Wichita – and the holiday glam hairstyle discussion has brought up some serious debates. However, there’s one thing our students can agree on: this is one of the most requested styles at all hair salons during the holiday season.

3. Major Volume is Hot at Hair Salons and During Our Cosmetology Training Sessions

Hair salons are also seeing a number of clients asking for volume, volume, and more volume. Their clients want to make a big statement while letting their hair down, and we think this comes from people’s willingness to express themselves for who they are – now more fully than ever. With the right products, voluminous hair can be achieved, but, then again, the product is only as powerful as the person using it. That’s why at Eric Fisher Academy we offer specialized training in cosmetology, so our students can practice giving clients exactly what they’re looking for.

Considering Cosmetology Training? Look to Our Cosmetology School in Wichita

Cosmetology training includes learning about the latest trends and styles that we’ve explored today – the ones that clients are asking for in hair salons across the country. If reading about these styles is inspiring you to apply your creativity for hair, makeup, and more, consider Eric Fisher Academy for an education in cosmetology.

Eric Fisher Academy is currently enrolling students who are interested in becoming cosmetologists. Our cosmetology school near you offers a program with the perfect balance of coursework and practical experience that will keep your passion for cosmetology and beauty alive.

Here are some steps you can take today to get started on your cosmetology journey:

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