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3 Beauty Products that Should Be On Every Cosmetology Student’s Wish List 3 Beauty Products that Should Be On Every Cosmetology Student’s Wish List

Cosmetology School in Wichita Isn’t Complete Until You’ve Secured These Hot Items

Cosmopolitan Magazine recently released its 2022 Holy Grail Beauty Awards, and we couldn’t help but think of our students enrolled in cosmetology training at Eric Fisher Academy. When browsing through the list, which is – shall we say – rather comprehensive, we tried to come up with a shortlist of the very best products we think our cosmetology students should know about and type into their “must have” phone notes.

While industry-leading skills and knowledge are everything – and what we hope to provide for you when you enroll at Eric Fisher Academy’s cosmetology school near you – we know that behind every cosmetologist is a set of great tools. Here are the three beauty products we think that anyone dreaming of becoming a cosmetologist would love to own.

1. Cloud Cushion Moisturizer from Eadem is Perfect for Cosmetology Students

This exceptional hydrating moisturizer is a day cream that can keep your skin glowing while adding a dose of anti-aging protection and soothing for red, dry, or unevenly textured skin. With a clean ingredient list, and a generous integration of ceramides, peptides, and snow mushroom, this cream can be used anytime you need a hydrating boost, or when you’re looking for a new product as part of your defense against dark spots. We also love this moisturizer because it can be used on nearly all skin types – oily, dry, or anything in between.

At Eric Fisher Academy, when you learn to become a cosmetologist through our state-of-the-art cosmetology training, we often talk about the importance of clean ingredients, so this product from Eadem definitely caught our eye. Cosmetology schools near you are likely discussing this product and its benefits, so join in the conversation and give it a try. Test-driving outstanding products is a fun way of enhancing your mission to become a cosmetologist.

2. A Cosmetology Student’s Key Learning Tool: Curl Elixir from Sienna Naturals

Curl conditioning spray is great for hair that tends to lose volume, especially in the winter months when there is far less humidity. These products are often discussed at cosmetology schools near you because of their immense benefits as an add-on to your hair routine. Additionally, this conditioning spray is a superior product for dry scalps. When you’re in between wash-days and you need to boost your hair game fast, this product takes the leave-in conditioner game to a whole new level.

An excellent product for all hair types, this clean-ingredient product has benefits that are right for nearly everyone. We imagine that hair stylists recommend this product frequently, and it would certainly be a smart one to practice with while you’re a cosmetologist in training at a cosmetology school near you.

3. Freedreaming Skin Tint from Caliray – a Discussion-Starter for Cosmetology Students

With 94.5% natural origin ingredients, this tint is available in 10 shades, to provide light coverage and a natural finish. Cosmetology students we’ve talked to appreciate Caliray tinting products because the liquid formula is hydrating and easy to apply (it’s not cakey and it’s easy to blend, unlike many other tints on the market). It also includes antioxidants from prickly pear extract to protect skin from aging while you get the results of a superior everyday makeup.

Our cosmetology school near you often has discussions about the finer details of makeup artistry, including debates about variations on products and what effects they create for clients. This is what you can expect when you enroll in cosmetology training to become a cosmetologist – important conversations about industry trends to ensure you’re feeling confident and knowledgeable about the topics you love.

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