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How Do I Know Beauty School Is Right for Me? How Do I Know Beauty School Is Right for Me?

And How to Get Started at a Cosmetology School or Esthetics Program Today

Many cosmetologists and estheticians knew early in our lives that we would always be obsessed with beauty. Whether it was watching adults put on makeup, or even experimenting with our own, we often share stories about “How we knew…” when our network of industry professionals sees each other over drinks or coffee.

One of our favorite stories is about an award-winning stylist who, as a child, made her parents lean back in the sink to wash their hair, and experimented on them with different shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.

There are also many among us who suddenly realized in adulthood that they needed a change. After years of adulting that just didn’t feel right, something nudged them to start thinking about cosmetology school, an esthetics program, and potentially even working one day as a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist.

Everyone has a different journey when it comes to wanting to explore beauty school. Some have been pursuing it their whole lives, while others decide after they’ve gone in another direction for a while. Either way, the door is open at Eric Fisher Academy, as we’re ready to help you fulfill your individual goals.

Here’s what we’ve heard from some of our students when we asked the question, “How did you know beauty school was right for you?”

“I Was Interested in Beauty School Because of My Passion for All Things Hair”

Many of our students come to us because – quite simply – they’ve had a passion for hairstyling, makeup, fashion, and more for their entire lives. Some of them had even took courses in high school that allowed them to hone their skills, and others grew up around licensed estheticians and cosmetologists.

Some had been following magazines, blogs, and social media for styling tips as long as they could remember. Here’s our take on this: if you have a passion for learning what our skilled teachers in an esthetics program or cosmetology school know, we’re ready to share that knowledge with you at Eric Fisher Academy. Perhaps it’s time to take that passion to the next level by learning how to execute the latest industry trends, as well as time-honored techniques.

“I Just Needed a Fresh Start, and Beauty School Got My Attention”

There’s nothing more difficult than feeling like you’re in limbo. That liminal space between whether to stay or go – when you’re at a spot in life that isn’t ideal – can be extremely challenging. Friends can only give you so much advice before it starts to get repetitive, and soon you realize you’re at a turning-point that only you can address.

You have a funny feeling that it’s time to take action now, and that can be a little bit scary. If you’re at this place, and you’ve always had an interest in hair, makeup, skincare, and more (as well as training in business practices and social media marketing), maybe it’s time to take the leap and look into cosmetology school or an esthetics program where you will learn skills that cosmetologists and licensed estheticians use.

“I Didn’t Consider Beauty School at All – Until I Heard about Eric Fisher”

There are some students at Eric Fisher Academy who don’t fall into either of the two categories above. They didn’t necessarily have a passion for beauty school as young people, and they weren’t necessarily looking for something new at first.

However, after browsing our blog or seeing our internationally-recognized name out in the world, they decided to explore Eric Fisher Academy further. What they found out was that we offer state-of-the-art training at award-winning facilities. What’s more, our founding teacher, Eric Fisher, is a recognized name in the styling industry.

Given the opportunity to work with teachers at such a high level at a beauty school in the Wichita area struck a chord with students who weren’t expecting to find an opportunity like this in their backyard.

Now, you too – no matter what your circumstances are – can apply to our cosmetology school or esthetics program, and train in skills used by licensed estheticians and cosmetologists.

Ready to Explore Beauty School Further? All the Details are Below.

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