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Winter Skin Care Tricks You’ll Learn in Esthetician School Winter Skin Care Tricks You’ll Learn in Esthetician School

Our Esthetician Program in Wichita Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know

Winter is notorious for making your skin dry. Cold wind can do damage to your face, and this is unfortunate since there is so much to look forward to during this time of year. Office parties, holidays with family and frie nds, and New Year’s Eve bashes are absolutely essential events, and you have to make sure your skin is in its best shape.

However, the cold outside seems like it’s made other plans – that is, until you get a skin care education from Eric Fisher Academy. Because they keep up on the latest products and esthetics research, our industry-leading teachers can show you exactly how to perform excellent skin care techniques during any season.

Here’s a free sample of skin care tricks you’ll learn when you enroll in the premier cosmetology and esthetics school near you: Eric Fisher Academy’s award-winning esthetics program.

1. Try a New Cleanser for Wintertime

One way to retain moisture and keep your skin from the damage that dry, cold air can do is to switch up your cleanser in the winter. Those light-weight, gel cleansers you use in the summer may not do the trick once the winter weather arrives.

Dermatologists, as well as educators in our esthetics program, recommend a creamier cleanser to add more moisture to your skin. Remember, you’re trying to counteract the winter weather, so you need a cleanser that will work double-time to keep you looking your best.

Licensed estheticians have been passing along this secret for years, and now you too can learn about the best cleansers for winter on the market when you enroll in Eric Fisher Academy’s esthetics program in Wichita, the leading cosmetology and esthetics school near you.

2. Any Esthetician School Will Tell You: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

This tip goes along with our suggestion to switch up your cleanser, but it bears repeating because moisturizing goes a long way. Get a product recommended to you by a licensed esthetician, or – better yet – enroll in our esthetician program today and find out what we’re recommending for winter 2022-2023. Alright, we’ll give you a couple of hints here: look for a 24-hour release moisturizer or one with hyaluronic acid.

If you go with the former, you’ll be moisturized throughout the day by an exceptional product with the latest activated skincare formula. To get a little nerdy, hyaluronic acid is even better, because it holds a significant amount of water – as much as 1,000 times its weight.

When you enroll in our esthetics school located right near you in Wichita, you’ll learn more than just what products and techniques to use – you’ll learn the science behind why you should use them, which will give you the knowledge you need to fulfill your goals down the road.

3. We Know It’s Cozy, but Take Fewer Baths and Showers

No one wants to skip showers, and the winter time is kind of perfect for a hot bath, right? However, taking hot showers and baths frequently can make your skin very dry. If you’re already planning on moisturizing more and switching up your products, taking a few less baths and showers can also help you look flawless during a time of year that can be rough on your skin.

Yes, we know you need to bathe, but consider warm instead of hot water during this time of year. Missing out on a steamy shower every once in a while in winter might be worth it when you’re out on the town, champagne in hand, and looking your best while the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

4. An Esthetician School Secret: You Still Need SPF in Winter

No matter your skin-type, you still need SPF in the winter. SPF in your moisturizer continues to protect you from the sun, even when it’s not hot out. The sun can do significant damage during the winter as well, so protecting your skin from dryness, cold wind, and harmful rays at the same time can take your beauty routine in winter to the next level.

Take it from us at Eric Fisher Academy. We’ve been studying and experimenting with techniques and products for years to make sure we can provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge on skin care. Our esthetics program will train you to potentially earn your esthetician license, and we wouldn’t let you shoot for that key certification without knowing the best skills in the industry today.

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