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Popular Hair Coloring Techniques You’ll See This Fall Popular Hair Coloring Techniques You’ll See This Fall

Cosmetology Training is All About Keeping Up On the Latest Trends

Enrolling in a cosmetology school near you is not only the best way to learn the art of making your customers look and feel beautiful with the latest techniques. Becoming a cosmetologist is also about keeping up on hot trends, so that you can give clients exactly what they’re looking for, or even recommend something they haven’t thought of yet.

Lately, we’ve been eyeing some new hair coloring techniques and trendy hues that are already helping to usher in one of our favorite seasons: fall.

Fall isn’t just a time for pumpkin spice lattes and desserts, sweaters, photos in the leaves, and late-night firepits. Many cosmetologists notice that it’s a time when clients want to make a big change, as autumn holidays and festivities get closer.

At Eric Fisher Academy, your experts for cosmetology training, we’re staying on top of industry trends with these fresh hair coloring techniques and hues for fall 2022.

1. Seamless Ombré

The ombré has been around for a while, of course, but stylists have been perfecting it ever since. The seamless ombré takes the dark-to-light look and makes the transition a bit smoother and less abrupt. The seamless ombré features less of a visible contrast between the two colors, and the smooth blend from dark to light makes for a sleek style that communicates both perfection and risk-taking at the same time.

2. Reverse Ombré

We love the reverse ombré, which flips the original ombré transition from dark-light to light-dark. Billie Eilish is the iconic face behind this trend, opting for green roots that fade to black. A reverse ombré can compliment any fall outfit, and works perfectly with a cozy, chunky sweater for sitting by the firepit on an autumn evening.

3. The Many Shades of Copper

Many of us who have chosen to become cosmetologists love following trends that have evolved over the decades. Copper hair color is one of them, and it’s still here in 2022. It’s also definitely a color for the fall, and we’re starting to see it popping up everywhere – in magazines, on Instagram and TikTok, and definitely on the runway. Copper includes a wide-range of hues, including auburn and sienna. No matter which shade you choose, this color seems like the perfect fit for the season.

4. Balayage

Similar to a seamless ombré, the Balayage technique is used when a stylist handpaints a color directly onto your hair, allowing for the most natural transition from dark to light. It looks as if your hair was simply sunkissed, not colored professionally. When you go with the Balayage style, your hair won’t have chunks, so much as breezy sweeps of color, which some clients prefer when they want to do something a little daring, but without the stand-out transition of an ombré.

5. Rooted Blonde and Platinum

Blonde and platinum are classic favorites among clients everywhere, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down, especially as celebrities and influencers reveal their rooted blonde and platinum looks for this fall. Where perfect blonde and platinum hair can be very beautiful on its own, we like the rooted look, which adds texture and fullness to your hair, and darker hues at the roots complement blonde hair beautifully. We’ve seen this trend during all of 2022 so far, and we know it will continue throughout the fall and winter.

Learn the Latest Industry Trends and Techniques in Hair Coloring and More

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