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Tools of the Trade: What’s In Your Cosmetology Student Kit? Tools of the Trade: What’s In Your Cosmetology Student Kit?

We Provide the Supplies You Need for Cosmetology Training in Wichita, Kansas

Enrolling in cosmetology school is a big decision – one that affects the trajectory of your whole life.

But ensuring you have the right tools while you’re in cosmetology school is just as important. Without them, you can’t learn the proper techniques, nor achieve the perfect-looking results you and your clients want.

At Eric Fisher Academy, each of our students work with a kit full of everything they need to succeed – a nearly $4,000 value! We’ve selected each item not only for its usefulness, but also for its brand name. These are quality tools you can trust, tools that will provide the best possible results as you learn to cut, style, and color hair, apply make-up, and perform manicures and pedicures.

Keep reading to discover what’s included in your kit. You’ll get these items at the right time during your training, when you’re ready to learn how to use them and apply your skills.

Our Cosmetology School Tool Kit Includes an iPad

Online video and lessons come alive on your very own tablet! It comes with an Eric Fisher Academy case to protect it, too.

Haircutting Tools

Although you won’t come to our cosmetology school near you knowing how to use shears, thinning shears, and a razor, you’ll learn all about them during hands-on training with instructors, industry leaders, and Eric Fisher himself. These haircutting tools come with a carrying case to keep them safe and organized.

Another basic styling tool you’ll use regularly is a spray bottle; we’ve included a sturdy one in your kit. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you your very own styling cape; you’ll find a SalonChic cape in your kit.

Hot Styling Tools

An HAI Air Luxe Pro blow dryer, HAI Classic convertible ceramic flat iron, and a Pivot Point 1-inch ceramic tourmaline marcel iron round out the hot styling tools you need for your cosmetology training.

Not only will you learn to wield these tools during your classes, but you’ll also discover how to keep them clean between clients.

Clippers and Guards

Every good cosmetologist can cut both long and short hair, and these clippers are the secret to achieving close crops!

Your kit includes a Wahl Professional 5-Star Senior clipper and a 5-Star Detailer, plus a #2, #3, and #4 clipper guard.

Cosmetology Training Books

Understanding the fundamentals of cosmetology requires both hands-on experience, but also reading about them in industry-leading textbooks. Our students learn about the trade through Style with Knowledge, a 12-book Pivot Point Cosmetology Fundamentals set, the Pivot Point Cosmetology Fundamentals Exam Prep book, and the Pivot Point Cosmetology Student Study Guide.

Unique to Eric Fisher Academy is the ProsperU Drivers of Success student kit, a multi-book series produced by our very own Eric Fisher. This series is designed to help people interested in becoming a cosmetologist master the business aspects of the industry. You won’t find this curriculum anywhere else!

Mannequin Heads

Before you can work on a real, live client, you’ll practice your skills on Pivot Point mannequin heads with various hair types and lengths. Your student kit includes five different mannequin heads, referred to by name (Viola, Cole, Amber, Cameron, and Alyse). You’ll come to know them quite well as you practice cutting and styling.

You’ll use the included Pivot Point mannequin stand to secure them to your worktop; no one wants to style a squirmy client’s hair!

Clips and Clamps

Although they may seem relatively inconsequential to you now, your stash of hair clips and clamps are handy for a wide array of tasks you’ll be presented with during your cosmetology training.

In your student kit, you’ll find packs of butterfly clamps, duckbill clamps, and metal curl clips, useful for cutting, styling, and coloring.

Hairbrushes and Combs

To achieve perfect-looking hair styles and cuts, you need the right brushes and combs. During cosmetology school at Eric Fisher Academy, you’ll learn these items aren’t interchangeable, and each has a special job to do.

Your student kit includes four Ergo ceramic round brushes in various sizes; an Ergo polishing paddle brush; a Scalpmaster vent brush; a Denman 9-row cushion styling brush; a Scalpmaster ionic cushion paddle brush; a Scalpmaster teasing brush and comb; two shampoo rake combs; an Andis clipper comb; two Wahl Professional clipper styling combs; a SalonChic 7-inch barber carbon comb; a Scalpmaster carbon cutting comb; a Krest Cleopatra 7 comb; and six Krest weaving and foiling combs.

Overwhelmed by this list? Don’t be! You’ll have plenty of time in the classroom and on the salon floor to learn what each of these tools is used for – all part of your 1,500 hours of training to be eligible for licensure in the state of Kansas.

Hair Coloring Tools

The chemical process of hair coloring can be tough to learn, but at Eric Fisher Academy, we outfit you with the tools you need to succeed.

Inside your student kit, you’ll find a 6-piece bowl and brush set for coloring, plus a tint/bleach brush and two large tint brushes. An oversized chemical cape will protect your clients as you color their hair.

Don’t worry about having to purchase your own tints and bleaches; our color bar is stocked with everything you need.

Make-Up Artistry Tools

Part of cosmetology training – which we cover more in-depth in our esthetician school – is makeup artistry. We include the basics in our cosmetology kit: a handheld makeup mirror (also helpful for showing your clients the back of their hair style), a make-up brush set, Chella slanted-tip tweezers, and a Make-up Designory gift card for purchasing necessary supplies.

Manicures and Pedicures

Also included in cosmetology training is the art of performing manicures and pedicures. Our kit includes a manicure hand with a two-way holder so you can practice applying polish.

EFA Swag

Look the part with Eric Fisher Academy shirts and bags. Every student will receive an EFA jacket, short-sleeve shirt, baseball tee, cosmetology apron, cosmetology kit bag with wheels, backpack, and tote bag.

This selection of swag ensures you have what you need to haul your gear to class – and gives you something stylish to wear as you learn what it takes to become a cosmetologist.

Payment Schedules Make Cosmetology Training Affordable

Cosmetology school is one of the lowest-cost training programs for learning a trade. And at Eric Fisher Academy, our goal is to ensure that our students have an easy payment schedule for their tuition and kit.

Our tuition costs just $11 per instructional hour, with a four-installment payment plan. The student kit is included in this payment plan, so for your first and second payments, you’ll need about $1,200 just for your kit. Your third and fourth installments for your student kit will be about $700. All these are paid with your tuition – and we offer scholarships and financial aid!

And because our student kit comes at-cost, we aren’t marking up your supplies. This gets you a strong foundation in cosmetology without having to source and purchase quality supplies on your own – and ensures our students are learning on the same equipment.

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