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5 Techniques for Wedding Up-Dos You’ll Learn in Cosmetology School in Wichita, Kansas 5 Techniques for Wedding Up-Dos You’ll Learn in Cosmetology School in Wichita, Kansas

Help Bridal Parties Prepare for the Big Day

If you love the opportunity to be creative, then you might enjoy assembling unique up-do hairstyles for special occasions. If that does, in fact, sound fun to you, then you might want to look into applying for cosmetology training at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita.

In cosmetology school at EFA, you’ll learn popular techniques that contribute to gorgeous and memorable up-dos for bridal parties, prom, and other formal events.

The Keys to Any Good Up-Do

Any hairstyle that involves pulling the hair up and out of the face can be considered an up-do. Pins, clips, or bands hold the hair in place. Even a partial up-do relies on these tools.

The secret to a quality up-do is making it last. Brides and other formal event attendees want to know that their hairstyle isn’t going anywhere; it won’t fall out of place when they hit the dance floor, walk down the aisle, or hug every guest in attendance. The up-do also should complement the wearer’s look, not overpower it.

Up-Do Skills You’ll Learn in Cosmetology School

During your formal training in styling hair, you’ll be exposed to a variety of techniques that you’ll use again and again. For creating up-dos, you’ll need a specialized skill set. These methods include:

  1. Backcombing: Backcombing increases the volume of your client’s hair without adding extensions or products. Essentially, backcombing is performed by repeatedly combing the hair toward the scalp. At its core, it causes the hair to tangle or knot, and must be secured in place, usually using bobby pins or a similar implement.
  2. Combing Out: When the style is finished, an expert hair stylist combs out the style to add volume and professional polish. Combing out too much can destroy the shape and volume of the up-do, so understanding exactly how much to do is important.
  3. Curls and Waves: Hot tools and classic hair rollers can create romantic curls and waves that add elegance to a modern up-do. Finger waves are another technique to make vintage-looking styles that are so popular right now. Depending on the tool you choose, the curls you create will look very different. By knowing how to create curls with multiple types of tools, you can customize the final look of your client’s up-do.
  4. Braiding and Plaiting: Hair braids add an eye-catching element to traditional up-dos and can help to hold hair in place, too. A variety of braiding and plaiting techniques exist, so mastering ones that work well with a range of hair textures will help you create an up-do suitable for everyone.
  5. Finishing a Style: Even with well-placed bobby pins and bands, an up-do can loosen and fall without the right hair products to hold it in place. In cosmetology school, you’ll learn how to select and apply hair products that will benefit your client, their hair type, and the hair style. An up-do that isn’t secure is a recipe for heartbreak. As your brides declare their unending love for their partner, make sure their hair is just as steadfast.

To top it all off, you’ll need to know how to perform these skills for any client – no matter their hair texture or hair health. Cosmetology school prepares you for this task.

Practice Your Up-Do Skills on Real Clients!

As you progress in your cosmetology training and develop your skills, you’ll soon get to practice your techniques on real clients. At Eric Fisher Academy, this includes clients who come to our student salon, not just friends who volunteer to sit for you.

During your time in our student salon, you’ll practice cutting, designing, and coloring on a variety of people looking for styles suitable for your skill level. And if you need help, one of your instructors is always close by to provide guidance.

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Industry titans know the reputation of Eric Fisher Academy; our high standards and expert instructors mean our students receive the best possible education, so they feel prepared and confident as they pursue the careers of their dreams.

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