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Why It’s Important to Continue Your Education After Cosmetology School Why It’s Important to Continue Your Education After Cosmetology School

Becoming a Cosmetologist in Kansas Comes with Responsibilities

After you pass your State of Kansas Board of Cosmetology exam and get your license, you’re eligible to begin a rewarding career in the industry – but don’t forget that techniques and trends are always changing. If you want to keep up in your career, you’ll need to continue your education.

When you graduate from Eric Fisher Academy, you’ll have access to ongoing learning opportunities at our cosmetology school so you stay up-to-date. Here’s why you should pursue them with vigor.

You’ll Know All the Latest Trends and Techniques

The cosmetology industry is always changing, so what your clients request does, too. If you don’t know how to perform the latest cutting techniques or coloring trends, your client will have to make an appointment elsewhere with someone who does.

Client retention is the lifeblood of any cosmetologist. To keep your clients coming back, you have to consistently deliver gorgeous, on-trend results. Advanced education helps you do it.

You’ll Hone and Polish Your Skills

Practice with professionals who can show you how to do it right. When you’re perfecting your technique, it’s best to learn from someone who can coach you, hands-on. Continuing education opportunities with live models is a rewarding way to master new cuts, color, and more.

These courses can also teach you how to use new tools to perform razor-only cuts, for example. An upgraded tool belt keeps your services in demand.

You’ll Network With Other Licensed Cosmetologists

Meet other licensed cosmetologists when you attend ongoing cosmetology training. You may be surprised by who you’ll connect with – and knowing people in the industry is a great way to grow your own business. Your new connections may also tell you about opportunities you’d like to pursue, too, or recommend you to clients looking for someone with specialized skills.

You’ll Be Better Prepared for New Career Opportunities

Future employers are likely to be impressed with your initiative to stay up-to-date and your wide skill set if you take continuing education opportunities seriously. Add these courses to your resume to show that you’re a highly-skilled candidate for the cosmetology jobs you’re applying for.

How Many Continuing Education Hours Are Required to Renew Your Cosmetology License in Kansas?

After you earn your cosmetology license in the state of Kansas by completing 1,500 hours of cosmetology training and passing the exam, you’ll need to renew your license through the state’s Board of Cosmetology every two years.

In Kansas, licensed cosmetologists are not required to complete continuing education hours to be eligible for renewal. But just because it isn’t required doesn’t mean advanced training isn’t a smart idea. Going above and beyond to learn new methods to help your clients look and feel their best can only help your career.

And if you intend to become a cosmetologist in another state after graduation or any other time in the future, be aware that you may be required to complete a certain number of continuing education hours to be eligible to renew your license in that state. It’s up to you to know what it takes to maintain licensure, so always check with the Board of Cosmetology where you live.

Continue Your Cosmetology Training at Eric Fisher Academy

Of all the cosmetology schools near you, Eric Fisher Academy is a recognizable name in the industry. Founded by world-renowned cosmetologist Eric Fisher, our cosmetology and esthetician school is designed to help budding beauty industry leaders become their very best.

Our curriculum goes beyond the topics you’d expect to learn, adding on instruction in building a business, managing money, and retaining clients.

And because you’d expect such from a well-known cosmetology school, you can even complete Advanced Education right here at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita:

  • Mark your calendars for Tuesday evening! Our Tuesday Night Class at Eric Fisher Salon will show you insider tricks and tips.
  • Attend our hair show with celebrity guests artists teaching the latest in haircutting and coloring at our annual summit.
  • Regularly-scheduled celebrity guest artist events at EFA means you get to meet industry leaders from NYC to LA, without ever leaving Wichita. Our guest artists perform demos and work with you on the student salon floor.
  • Want to pursue a career in cosmetology? Talk to one of our friendly admissions representatives to learn more about Eric Fisher Academy, your first step in your pursuit. Our next class cohort starts soon, so don’t delay.