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Cosmetology School 101: 5 Tips for Working with Indecisive Clients Cosmetology School 101: 5 Tips for Working with Indecisive Clients

There’s a Secret to Client Communication and Retention!

When you choose a field that focuses on working with people, you get to deal with a whole lot of people! And if you’re in cosmetology school or esthetician school, you probably chose that path because you enjoy talking to and interacting with new folks every day.

For the most part, your cosmetology training prepares you to deal with difficult or indecisive clients. But it will still take practice and patience when indecisive clients make appointments with you. Try these tips the next time you’re feeling exasperated behind the chair or table.

Start Every Appointment with a Quick Consultation

Before you ever pick up the shears or make-up brush, talk to your client about their ideas and goals for their appointment. Evaluate their current hair or skin, and walk them through how you can help them achieve the look they want.

This is a great time to manage expectations about what is possible to achieve in a single appointment, particularly for hair color clients, or those wishing for a dramatic change in hair style or texture. Give your client the opportunity to speak freely about what they want, and provide polite feedback or advice on achieving the look they want.

Keep a Cool Head

It’s easy to feel steamed when a client just won’t make up their mind. But remember that like you, your client is also working on a time schedule, and they’ve contacted you to help them get the hair or make-up look they want.

If you start to feel too frustrated and are worried your emotions will show, take a quick bathroom break. You can keep the anger at bay by taking in deep breaths, holding them for 10 seconds, and letting them out, or by tapping each finger tip to your thumb in order and being mindful of the sensation and movements. Do both hands at once for maximum zen.

You’ll soon remember why you wanted to become a cosmetologist and feel prepared to head back to your client to talk through their decision – and stepping away from your station to leave them with their thoughts can often help them decide exactly what they want.

Offer Educated Ideas for Your Client

For the truly-conflicted client, offer your own professional opinion on haircut shapes or trendy styles that will flatter their face shape, or suggest a specific cat-eye or eye-shadow style. A nudge in any direction can help your client realize what they really want. If you can explain it well and talk about why it would work for your client, it’s more likely they will make a choice more quickly.

Listen Carefully to What Your Client Says and to Their Body Language

Sometimes you make a suggestion, and your client verbally says yes, but their body language speaks volumes! If you notice their body language seems like they’re not actually digging your haircut idea – for example, lots of fidgeting, or flustered facial expressions – it’s time to pause and re-evaluate how you’re working with your client and make sure you aren’t accidentally pushing them into something they don’t truly want.

If you’re listening carefully and really taking in what your client is saying, you’ll know for certain whether they’re content with their service.

Ask for Input from Your Mentor

If neither you, nor your client are prepared to make a definitive choice for the appointment, call your mentor over to ask for their input. This could be directed at you – and how to help your client make a decision – or at your client, by giving them ideas for their next new style.

Sometimes hearing another person’s ideas get those mental gears spinning, and together, you’ll come up with suitable ideas your client will love.

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