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Cosmetology Training at Eric Fisher Academy Doesn’t End at Graduation Cosmetology Training at Eric Fisher Academy Doesn’t End at Graduation

From Cosmetology School and Beyond – How We’re Here Every Step of the Way

There are a few cosmetology schools in Wichita that only care about your education while you’re enrolled in a current program. At Eric Fisher Academy, we believe our students deserve dedicated cosmetology no matter what stage they are at in their career.

So if you’ve been searching for a cosmetology school near you, take a spin in the salon chair as we go on a journey through enrolling in our cosmetology school to after graduation.

Who Is Eric Fisher?

Eric Fisher created his cosmetology and esthetician schools after being inspired by his mother, who was a stylist herself. His interest in the salon environment piqued when he realized it was the perfect place to express his style, listen to incredible music, and make clients look and feel their very best.

Through hard work and dedication to his cosmetology training, Eric could travel the world performing expert services for clients in places like London, Paris, and Seoul. His knowledge and experience allowed him to open several salons in Wichita and one in Derby.

However, after struggling to find recent cosmetology school graduates to meet his high-standards for fulfilling client needs, he started Eric Fisher Academy.

A Little More About the History of Our Cosmetology School

For 15 years, Eric Fisher Academy has provided students with comprehensive cosmetology training that has helped them gain the techniques and skills to build careers in the beauty industry. Our students have found their niches in areas like cosmetics, hairstyling, and esthetics.

Even after the success of his cosmetology and esthetician schools, Eric wasn’t satisfied with the level of education he was providing his students. He wanted to provide support and cosmetology training to the students of Eric Fisher Academy who had already graduated.

That’s why he developed Prosper U. It provides every graduate with advanced and ongoing education in cosmetology. Whether you just finished your cosmetology training or are an established cosmetologist, you have the opportunity to keep growing your skills with Eric Fisher Academy.

What Is Prosper U?

If you’re interested in becoming a cosmetologist in order to own a salon or spa, then learning the basics of running a business is essential. Your future clients want the full-experience – a perfect haircut, high-dimension color, and a relaxing and modern experience.

No one knows how to run a salon better than Eric Fisher, which is why he put his best business practices into his Prosper U curriculum. You can use the skills and techniques from Prosper U as stepping stones to owning your own salon. Here are just a few subjects this incredible coursework covers:

  • Building a salon and spa culture that appeals to your guests and future employees
  • Creating a daily schedule and refining your time management skills
  • How to find your own personal practices to obtain success in the beauty industry
  • Ways to deliver incredible customer service and build loyalty with your clients

Not only is Prosper U fun and engaging, it provides our students with knowledge that can be applied in a real salon. To learn more about this exciting way to learn about salon business, contact our admissions department and enroll in our cosmetology school at Eric Fisher Academy.

Learn From Celebrity Stylists at Eric Fisher Academy

Every year we host an Annual Summit at Eric Fisher Academy and Eric Fisher Salons, where you can learn the most advanced techniques from celebrity stylists. Learn the latest hair cutting techniques, newest trends in hair color, and how to master long hairdressing.

Our cosmetology school even has weekly courses for our graduates that also feature celebrity stylists. That way, our students, past or present, always have access to information from our industry’s top leaders. You’ll get the chance to watch demos, see them teach in the classroom, and even work with you in our student salon.

Sleek, Stylish, and Waiting For You – Come Enroll In Cosmetology School at Eric Fisher Academy

If there’s anything you need to build a successful career with your cosmetology training, it’s confidence! And you’ll find exactly that when you enroll in cosmetology or esthetician school at Eric Fisher Academy.

Not only will you find a fully stocked student salon, you’ll find passionate instructors ready to provide you with incredible training to help you become a cosmetologist. Get started on your journey to an exciting career in cosmetology today by calling our admissions department at (316) 440-4782 or contacting us online.

Is skin care your passion? Then enroll in our esthetician school, where you’ll learn the latest techniques in body wraps, makeup application, eyelash extensions, and more!