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Cosmetology Training in Action – Do You Know Your Cosmetology School Lingo? Cosmetology Training in Action – Do You Know Your Cosmetology School Lingo?

See How You Match Up With the Students at Eric Fisher Academy

Developer, balayage, perms, and fades! All common words you’ll hear at any salon across the country – but do you really know the difference between these essential salon services?

Put your passion for beauty to the test with our quick quiz on common cosmetology school terms, and see how you match up against the students at Eric Fisher Academy. Let’s get started!

Round One: High and Mighty Highlights

This highlighting technique means “to sweep” in French and is favored by many hairstylists for its incredible versatility and ability to give them more control over your results. This technique is also known for inspiring cosmetologists, because it’s completely customizable.

The Answer: Balayage
Balayage is a modern highlighting technique that is literally hand-painted. It offers clients a seamless blend between different shades of color, and can be used with bleach or hair color.

The best part about using the balayage technique is that your clients can go longer between touch-ups. With traditional highlights, you need a touch-up nearly every 8 weeks, but with balayage you can stretch out time between touch-ups for 12 weeks or longer.

Why It Matters
When you’re becoming a cosmetologist, it’s important to know which highlighting technique is best for each client. While balayage may work well for some, it may not for someone else. For instance, if your client wants dimensional highlights, you’ll need to combine the hand-painted technique of balayage with the traditional highlighting technique which uses foils.

Round Two: Chemical Service Showdown

This chemical service chemically alters your hair’s texture by rearranging the structure of your hair. During the process, a lotion sits on your hair. Then, a stylist will rinse it out and gently dry your hair. Next, a neutralizer is used to halt the chemical process. Your result is gorgeous wavy or curly hair.

The Answer: Perm
Perms used to be a style of the past, but the students at our cosmetology school in Wichita know this chemical service is making a big comeback. You can give your clients glamorous Hollywood waves or bouncing curls that have sensational movement.

The latest trend in perms is ditching the traditional plastic curling rod. Many celebrity cosmetologists are using fabric, fingerwaves, or flexible rollers to create beautiful, natural-looking curls.

Why It Matters
The terms “perm” and “relaxer” are often used interchangeably, but they are actually two different services that have very different results. While they both chemically change the structure of your hair, a perm creates curls and volume, and relaxer straightens kinky, curly hair to make it more manageable.

Knowing the difference between these two services by enrolling in cosmetology school can save you from making a huge mistake when you’re building your career as a cosmetologist.

Round Three: Men’s Haircut Match-Up

Known for its ultra-traditional look, this men’s haircut features longer hair on the top, with hair on the sides becoming gradually shorter as it reaches the nape of your neck. Most hair stylists choose scissors over clippers for this cut.

The Answer: The Men’s Taper Cut
The men’s taper cut is a hairstyle that works with every hair texture and can be modified to suit your client’s style. For instance, you can combine a traditional tapered cut with a high-fade to add a modern twist to this classic cut.

Take the taper cut even further by making it a faux hawk – but hair stylists beware – the tapered fauxhawk requires serious skill and laser-focus to pull off. So, make sure you refine your fading and tapering skills during cosmetology training.

Why It Matters
The men’s tapered cut has been around for quite some time and is considered a basic cut by most cosmetologists. Enrolling in cosmetology school and learning basic haircuts and services is the only way to build a foundation to gain more advanced skills – like giving your client an incredible tapered fauxhawk.

When you take your cosmetology training seriously, and refine your skills under the guidance of hands-on instruction, you’re well on your way to creating a fulfilling career in cosmetology.

Round Four: Styling Tool Takedown

This styling tool is critical for detangling wet hair. It has wide-set prongs, and can also add volume and separation to curls while also cutting down on annoying frizz. Our cosmetology school students recommend this tool to anyone with curly hair or long locks.

The Answer: Wide-Tooth Comb
This styling tool is a cosmetologist’s little hero! Its heavy-duty construction glides delicately through the strands of your hair. A wide-tooth comb is ideal for detangling wet hair, because it won’t damage your hair as you comb through it.

If you have thick or curly hair, this should be your comb of choice in and out of the salon. Combine the gentleness of a wide-tooth comb with the power of a diffuser, and your curls will turn heads.

Why It Matters
Choosing the right tool to style your client’s hair is the mark of excellent cosmetology training. Not only does it mean you want to give your client the look they truly wanted, it means you’re actively working to protect the health of their hair.

When you enroll in cosmetology school, you’ll learn which tools and salon products are right for the individual needs of your future clients. That way, you can make decisions regarding your clients’ hair with ultimate confidence.

The Tiebreaker: Take On Your Future at Our Cosmetology School Near You

Did our quiz on cosmetology school terms make you want to battle for your future in the beauty industry? At Eric Fisher Academy, we’ll equip you with the skills and techniques that will help you forge a path to an exciting life in cosmetology.

From highlights to haircuts, we’ll help you find your niche and build your passion at our cosmetology school in Wichita. Enrollment for summer ends soon, so make sure you contact our admissions department to get started on your journey to becoming a cosmetologist by calling (316) 440-4782 or by reaching out to us online, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

The campus at Eric Fisher Academy also has an esthetician school. So if skincare is your passion, talk to our admissions department today!