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What’s the Difference Between Barber School and Cosmetology School? What’s the Difference Between Barber School and Cosmetology School?

The Experts at Eric Fisher Academy Break Down the Difference

Becoming a cosmetologist means much more than being a hairstylist. It means being the foundation of the entire cosmetic and beauty industry. Licensed cosmetologists and estheticians perform most beauty services. When you take your cosmetology training seriously and develop the drive to stay updated on the latest trends, you learn a diverse range of skills that can make you competitive in the beauty industry.

But – you’ve also seen barbers earn success in the beauty industry, too. So, what’s the difference? Settle into the salon chair, as our cosmetology school in Wichita defines the difference between cosmetologists and barbers.

Cosmetology Training and Barber Training Both Focus On Using Shears

However, they’re trained in very different ways. While some barbers learn how to take a set of shears to long locks of hair, it’s usually a cosmetologist that has the expert training to truly trim your tresses using shears.

It doesn’t mean cosmetology school can’t teach you how to perform chic and complicated clipper cuts, like fades and pixies. It just means a barber spent more time learning how to use their cutting shears for services like trimming and shaping beards and refining their flat-top technique.

Barbers Aren’t Trained With the Same Styling Tools

Cosmetology training teaches you how to brush, blow-dry, and style all lengths of hair. You learn how to use styling tools to curl, straighten, and add volume. Pins and products allow you to perform stunning updos and braids for special events, and you learn to restore damaged hair with remarkable deep conditioning treatments.

Barbers are trained to style hair much differently. They may have a few sprays, pomades, and gels, but most of their styling tools are trimmers, straight razors, and barber shears.

While cosmetology training teaches you how to cut and style men’s hair and facial hair, it doesn’t teach you how to use a straight razor. A straight razor is a long blade set in a handle that folds open and closed. It’s an essential tool to achieve a close shave. However, it has rigorous safety standards.

Barber training spends an ample amount of time on learning the art of a perfect shave. This includes how to safely use and sanitize a straight razor. Because cosmetologists predominately work with women and don’t provide straight razor shaves, learning to use a straight razor would take precious time away from other important subjects in cosmetology school.

Only Cosmetologists Can Perform Chemical Treatments

Even though most barbers learn the basics of hair color, they don’t get a comprehensive education of all the chemical treatments used in cosmetology. If you’re interested in learning about hair color, perms, relaxer, and other chemical treatments, then you need to enroll in a cosmetology school near you.

In order to provide your clients with healthy hair that has dimension, you need to refine techniques and skills like how to use the right developer for a balayage using bleach, how to talk to your clients about caring for their hair after a perm or relaxer, or how to fix an at-home color that’s gone wrong.

Cosmetologists can also perform some spa services like facial waxing, pedicures, and manicures. Barbers usually have little to no expertise in performing spa services, and typically focus on making men look and feel great with services like hot towel wraps and facial hair trimming.

However, if you’re truly interested in making a career out of skin care, enroll in our esthetician school at Eric Fisher Academy. Our incredible instructors can help you build the foundation to follow your passion for skincare, and create an exciting career in esthetics. Learn skills like body treatments, eyelash extensions, facial treatments, and more!

Can a Cosmetologist Become a Barber?

Both barber training and cosmetology training in Kansas require 1,500 education hours from an accredited institution. If you’re interested in becoming a cosmetologist and a barber, you’ll need to prepare for both state board exams.

While many cosmetology schools offer crossover programs for barbers and cosmetologists, many professionals think that finding your niche in certain services is a better way to spend your training.

For instance, Eric Fisher Academy offers weekly classes for all its graduates to gain insight into the latest trends and techniques in cosmetology. We even host an Annual Summit that includes a hair show with celebrity guest artists.

Style Your Future – Enroll In Cosmetology School at Eric Fisher Academy

While we can’t promise you a spot as a celebrity guest at our Annual Summit, we can help you learn skills and techniques that help you pursue a career you’re passionate about. With cosmetology training from Eric Fisher Academy, you have the power to style your own future.

Cosmetology training courses for summer 2022 starts on June 20th! To get started on enrolling in our cosmetology program, call our admissions department at (316) 440-4782 or contact us online.

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