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Safe and Sanitized – How Our Cosmetology School Keeps It Clean Safe and Sanitized – How Our Cosmetology School Keeps It Clean

Why Cosmetologists Are Experts in Sanitation

You could create the most spectacular hairstyles on the planet, but if you’re not providing a clean, safe, and sanitized experience for your clients, your top-notch styling skills just won’t matter. Our cosmetology school takes sanitation seriously, because we know how important it is to keep our clients and students happy and healthy.

Becoming a cosmetologist means you learn to be a bit of an expert in sanitation. When it comes to cleanliness, see how the students at Eric Fisher Academy aren’t messing around.

They Learn the Lingo When They Enroll in Cosmetology Training

Taking care of your cosmetology tools isn’t just about wiping off a little dirt or a stray piece of hair. It’s about getting rid of microscopic organisms that make people sick or seriously damage their immune systems. That’s why cosmetology training teaches you the differences among disinfecting, sanitizing, and sterilizing.

Why It Matters: With the Covid-19 pandemic, sanitizing and disinfecting every surface in our cosmetology school is essential to stopping the spread in our community. At Eric Fisher Academy, we are committed to doing everything we can to keep our cosmetology safe and Covid-free.

Our Students Know the Right Steps to Clean Their Tools

Basic cosmetology training teaches you that disinfectant only works on an item that’s cleaned of debris first. Our students know the CDC recommends soap and water as the first line of defense against the spread of contagious disease, which is why they never skip a step in sanitation, no matter how small it might be.

Why It Matters: Using soap and water is effective at reducing every type of pathogen while also cleaning off the chemicals from your styling products. This is how you avoid a dangerous mix of chemicals that could harm your skin or destroy your cosmetology tools.

The Students at Our Cosmetology School are Responsible

Our students at Eric Fisher academy sanitize their tools after every client. Their combs, brushes, tweezers, clippers, and more take individualized care and must be sanitized for an approved amount of time. This is called “contact time.” Knowing how long each of your tools can safely be submerged in or wet with disinfectant to destroy pathogens is essential for client and student safety.

Why It Matters: Not only is it dangerous to perform services with dirty cosmetology tools, it’s against state laws and regulations. We educate the students at our cosmetology school on every law set in place by the state of Kansas to ensure we keep students, staff, and clients healthy.

Our Incredible Staff Keeps Cleaning Supplies Fully Stocked

At Eric Fisher Academy, we have a team of instructors that are here to help the students at our cosmetology school. They’ve developed cleaning schedules to help students become experts in sanitation, and monitor when we need to restock essential cleaning supplies. Our instructors teach every student about the appropriate EPA-approved disinfectant to use on which items and areas, so our student salon is always clean and sanitized.

Why It Matters: For our students, instructors are the authority on evolving changes in salon sanitation. That’s why they encourage everyone in our cosmetology school and esthetician school to follow best practices at all times for everyone’s health and safety.

We’re Also About Safety at Eric Fisher Academy

Becoming a cosmetologist means you learn how to use the tools of the trade, but knowing how to store them safely is just as important. The students at our cosmetology school are required to constantly monitor and organize the cords to their clippers, curling irons, and other electric tools, to avoid falls and other accidents.

Why It Matters: A safe workstation is an organized workstation. When our students receiving cosmetology training keep their tools clean and organized, it allows them to stay focused on building a professional career as a successful cosmetologist.

We Want to See You Succeed at Our Cosmetology School Near You!

The instructors at our cosmetology and esthetician schools love what they do! That’s why they’re here to help you learn the skills and techniques to build an exciting career in cosmetology at Eric Fisher Academy.

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Our expert sanitizing skills are just limited to cosmetology school! Ask a member of our admissions team about how you can learn skin care skills in our esthetician school.