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Hot Tips to Tame Your Hair When It’s Humid Hot Tips to Tame Your Hair When It’s Humid

Our Cosmetology School’s Guide to a Frizz-Free Summer

You’ve put in the work, spent hours laboring over the little details, and finally earned your PHD (perfect hair day). But there’s one big problem – humidity! While there’s nothing wrong with a little frizz, it’s not something you want to battle daily. Especially when you’re ready to step into summer weather with easy, breezy hair.

So, how do you keep your mane smooth and flawless during hot and humid weather? Take a look at these tips from our cosmetology school for gorgeous hair and a frizz-free summer.

Start With Using the Right Products

It would be incredible to find one miracle product that gets rid of frizz forever. However, battling humidity takes more than one weapon in your frizz-fighting arsenal. That’s because getting smooth hair is a comprehensive process. From shampoos to sprays, here are all the products you need for a smooth summer:

Less Is More With Shampoo
Most of the students at our cosmetology school will tell you to only wash your hair a few times a week. Overwashing your hair leads to a dry, itchy scalp and unhealthy hair. When it’s time to wash your locks, choose a frizz-fighting cleanser that’s sulfate-free and works with your hair type.

Get the Right Conditioner for Your Hair Type
The key is to make sure your conditioner doesn’t weigh down your hair. If you have fine hair, look for a conditioner that’s lightweight, and only apply it in small amounts. Thick hair needs a conditioner that can cover each of your hair strands and must be applied liberally.

Make sure you rinse out your hair completely before applying any other hair products.

Leave-In Conditioner Is a Must
No, you can’t use your regular conditioner as a leave-in conditioner, because it will irritate your hair follicles and lead to damaged hair. Find a high-quality leave-in conditioner that hydrates your hair and flattens your cuticle.

Don’t Skip Thermal Protection
It doesn’t take expert cosmetology training to know that you need to prime your hair with thermal protection before you use heated tools. Hair primers and thermal protection products have high levels of protein, which provide sensational shine.

Use Hair Spray to Lock In Your Style
Serums and creams are a great way to get a custom-look with a specific hairstyle, but nothing fights summer frizz like a top-notch hairspray. It adds body, blocks humidity, and kicks frizz to the curb. Look for a hairspray that’s lightweight and flexible.

How Our Cosmetology School Can Help You Choose the Right Products

Don’t waste your time overwhelmed with hair products stuffed on store shelves, because the students at our cosmetology school are here to help you fight the frizz! Schedule an appointment at our student salon, and we can recommend incredible salon products just for your hair type!

Make Magic Happen With Heated Styling Tools

Flat irons and other heated styling tools have gotten a bad reputation lately. We hate to break it to you, but it’s not your flat iron – it’s how you’ve been using it.

The best flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers are packed with technology to keep your hair healthy. However, they still can’t get your hair perfectly smooth and shiny without a little help.

Use the Attachments That Came With Your Hair Dryer
Yes, those little plastic pieces that came with your hair dryer have an important purpose. Especially if you want frizz-free hair. The concentrator attachments direct airflow for smoother, more defined style, while your diffuser attachment disperses hot air over a wider surface, to allow for dramatically smooth curls.

Never Use an Iron on Wet Hair
We repeat, never use a hot iron on wet hair, no matter what’s trending on social media. Sandwiching wet hair between two extremely hot plates or tightly wrapping it around a hot curling rod will damage it and cause even more frizz.

Make Each Pass With Your Flat Iron Count
The students at our cosmetology school are no strangers to a hectic morning, but they know that slow and steady is the only way to get great results with your flat iron. When it’s time to put in the work for your perfect hair day, don’t focus on speed. Pull your flat iron through your hair slowly. This allows it to work out any twists and curls in just a single pass.

How to Get the Perfect Hair Day Every Day With Our Cosmetology School Near You

Did you know you can create fantastic curls with your flat iron or get heavenly volume with your curling iron?

It’s all in the technique! Let one of the students becoming a cosmetologist at Eric Fisher Academy show off what they’re learning by giving you styling tips that tame frizz and save you time in the morning. While you’re there, be sure to ask our students how much they love attending our cosmetology school.

Still Need to Know More About Winning the Battle Against Summer Frizz?

Then enroll in cosmetology school at Eric Fisher Academy! Our program welcomes anyone who has a passion for building a career in cosmetology and is dedicated to helping people look incredible.

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