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How Do I Take Care of My Clippers? How Do I Take Care of My Clippers?

A Quick Guide From Our World-Renowned Cosmetology School in Central Kansas

Are you working on becoming a cosmetologist? Or maybe you already have an established career. Wherever you are on your journey as a cosmetologist, there are a few things that are always certain. You have a passion for hair, you love to work with people, and you have your favorite set of clippers.

For a picture-perfect men’s cut, you need to keep your clippers in top-notch condition. Don’t just spray and walk away – instead read this clipper care guide from the cosmetology school at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita.

Why Clipper Care is Important

Dirty clippers can cause many issues, because build-up from things like hair, oil, and skin causes damage and dullness over time. This could mean needing to replace your expensive clippers often, or worse, you could injure a client.

Don’t forget the Kansas State Board has rigorous standards for cleaning your tools. Here’s what they have to say about keeping your clippers clean:

  • You must disinfect your clippers after each service
  • All debris must be removed
  • Every part of your clipper that touched your client must be saturated in disinfectant
  • Your clippers must be stored in a clean area, hook, stand, on a clean towel, covered in a clean towel, or in a clean, labeled, and closed container or drawer that is reserved for clean tools only

Cosmetology School Clean-Up: Disinfectant sprays are a great way to sanitize your clippers, but the spray needs at least ten minutes to work. We know how important it is to get to your next client as quickly as possible, but our cosmetology training requires each of our students to thoroughly disinfect every tool they used in their previous service to protect everyone’s health.

How to Clean Your Clippers – For Real

Disinfectant sprays absolutely eliminate communicable diseases and are essential for your clipper care. However, they don’t get rid of debris stuck inside the nooks and crannies of your clippers. Here’s a guide on how to clean your clippers daily, so you get a clean cut every time:

  1. Unplug your clippers and remove attachments
  2. Use a cleaning brush to dislodge as much hair and other debris as possible
  3. Use your disinfectant spray to clear away any remaining debris ways to prevent cross-contamination
  4. Leave the spray on for at least 10 minutes
  5. Wipe it clean
  6. Place any used clipper guards and plastic combs in a jar of disinfectant for as long as required before using them again on your next client

Cosmetology School Clean-Up: It seems like using water and bleach to clean your clippers would be a solid way to clean your clippers, but it’s not. That’s because water and bleach both oxidize metal, which leads to rust. Bacteria in rust is dangerous and remains on your clippers even after you disinfect them.

Dive Into Deep Cleaning Your Clippers

At the end of your week at work or cosmetology school, you need to deep clean your clippers. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take much time, and you’ll be prolonging the life of your clippers. Check out these steps on how to perform a quick deep clean:

  1. Use a clean screwdriver to remove your clipper blade completely
  2. Brush off any hair or debris you see
  3. Fill a small bowl with blade disinfectant
  4. With your clippers running, dip the tip of your blade in the disinfectant
  5. Allow it to clean for a few seconds before taking it out and wiping it clean

Cosmetology School Clean-Up: Becoming a cosmetologist means providing custom cuts and an extra clean environment. You don’t just use clippers when you cut someone’s hair. You’re most likely going to be using your cutting shears and trimmers, too. Make sure you take time to clean each tool you use during your service.

Don’t Forget to Oil Your Clippers

Did you know you should oil your clippers every time you use them? In fact, it should be your main task after you clean them, and you can’t use just any kind of oil, either. Experts recommend using special clipper oil that’s specifically formulated to prolong the life of your clippers and trimmers. If you use any other oil, you will clog the component of your clippers, and they will stop working.

All you need to do is apply three small drops of oil to the corner of your clipper blades while they’re running. This keeps oil out of the electrical components of your clippers and disperses the oil through the blade.

Cosmetology School Clean-Up: Clippers produce a lot of friction, which is why they need oil in the first place. If you don’t use oil on your clippers, they will end up pulling hair instead of cutting it, because your clipper blade can’t slide like they should. This means you’ll end up painfully pulling patches of hair out of your client’s scalp. Ouch!

Get to Know Your Clippers and More at Our Cosmetology School Near You

If you’re interested in cosmetology training, and want to know more about the tools and techniques of the trade, enroll in Eric Fisher Academy. Our instructors are just as enthusiastic about teaching as you are about starting an exciting career in cosmetology. We truly can’t wait to help you discover and refine your passion.

Come see what our cosmetology school is all about by calling (316) 440-4782 or contacting us online. Don’t forget, Eric Fisher Academy also has an esthetician school where you can learn to grow a career in skincare. The best way to find out which program is best for you is by scheduling services in our student salon and spa, so you can get sound advice from our current students.