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8 Fresh Makeup Picks From Our Cosmetology School 8 Fresh Makeup Picks From Our Cosmetology School

And How You Can Try Them For Yourself This Spring

At Eric Fisher Academy, we believe 2022 is truly a year for you to be uniquely you! It’s time to ditch the usual pastel palettes of spring and step into bold and bright looks that leave people inspired. If you’re ready to try something new and rev up your makeup game, check out our cosmetology school’s top picks for the freshest looks to mix it up this spring!

1. Give Temporary Tattoo Eyeliner a Try

One tiny slip and your eyeliner seems like you used a permanent marker. Made ultra-popular by celebrities like Haily Bieber and supermodels like Chanel Iman, tattoo eyeliner is the only way to get perfect eyeliner. You can finally stop wasting time drawing the perfect wing and simply apply a fun tattoo that begs for a second glance. Serve a hot look in foil, neon, jewels, or even inspiring quotes.

Get the Look: The students at our cosmetology school love this new take on eyeliner, and it’s a lot easier to create than you think! You can order temporary tattoos online or head to your favorite cosmetic store for a tattoo stamp. With just a quick stamp at the corner of your lid, you can add dimension and detail to your eye liner.

2. Lip Gloss Is Having a Moment

If you’re new to the makeup game, then you probably don’t remember the sticky and unpalatable texture of past lip gloss. Well, the cosmetic industry has certainly changed the game for spring 2022. The latest lip glosses are full of good ingredients infused to improve your pout and look incredible. Try a gold gloss over your favorite shade of lipstick or wear it alone for a more natural look.

Get the Look: If you ask the future professionals at our esthetician school, they’ll tell you it’s all about quality over quantity for lip gloss. High-quality lip gloss isn’t only better for your lips, it wears better throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about your lips sticking together or your lips drying out.

3. You Dew You

There is nothing more trendy than glowing skin in 2022! That means it’s time to retire your shimmery highlighter and opt for glossy and dewy skin. Not only will this make your skin look super fresh, it will also keep you looking young. The biggest takeaway from this makeup trend is that you want your skin to look like you just had a facial.

Get the Look: This look has a lot to do with the condition of your skin. Smooth, acne-free skin is hard to achieve on your own. By booking an appointment at the student spa at our esthetician school, you can learn about techniques and products that work for your skin, so you can have the perfect at-home skincare routine.

4. Kitten Eyeliner for a Natural Lift

Cat eyes have been all the rage for several years. However, the kitten eye is here to lighten the load on your lids. This trend in eyeliner will dominate in 2022, because it’s easy to apply and youthful-looking. The trick is to apply a thinner tail with a simple flick to create a natural lift in your lids. Pair this look with a powder the same shade as your liner for a dramatic and bold look.

Get the Look: Begin in the middle of your eye and draw outward. Our amazing students like to use their cosmetology training to combine this look with other top trends, like bold lipsticks and neon eyeshadows.

5. Bolder and Brighter Lipstick Shades

With warmer weather comes more outdoor activities. You know what that means – you can spend time with your friends without a mask! Celebrate the return of your lips with beautiful shades of lipsticks that are fun and fabulous. Grab your favorite pinks, purples, oranges, and any color you want for a spring look you’ll love to repeat.

Get the Look: The best part about this spring makeup trend is there isn’t a shade you shouldn’t try. So, make sure you stock up on several colors and finishes. For example, the students in our cosmetology school think a bold, matte plum is an awesome evening look, and a bright, shiny pink is perfect for your daytime pout.

6. Multi-Functional Products to Save Time and Money

This year, you’re going to see a lot more products on the market that can do it all. Look for makeup that not only makes you look amazing but also takes care of your skin, too. For instance, mascara that’s also a growth serum. You can find many multi-functional cosmetics in clean beauty brands that focus on high-quality ingredients without causing harm to the environment or using harsh chemicals in their products.

Get the Look: The only way to get the best products for your skin is by getting advice from someone who has esthetician or cosmetology training. They can direct you towards the products that will work with your skin type, tone, and texture. The students at our esthetician school can even recommend services to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

7. Neon Eyeshadow Is Mainstream

This trend is so hot you might burn yourself. As seen on Dua Lipa while she walked the runway for Versace, neon eyeshadow is the look you didn’t know you needed this spring. Choose cream shadows to get defined lines and highly pigmented color. Experiment with layers and embellished accents for something modern, or just give the corners of your eyes a quick swipe for a touch of color.

Get the Look: Even though the students at our cosmetology school are tossing out tradition, there are some colors that work better with your skin tone and eye color than others. For instance, cool skin tones look excellent in striking blues or purples, and warmer tones look incredible in neon orange or yellow.

8. Say “Farewell” to Flawless

The biggest makeup trend for 2022 is saying “goodbye” to achieving perfection, because if we’re honest, trying to make your face flawless with makeup can be traumatic. This year, makeup is all about exploring yourself through experimentation and individual expression. To achieve this look, most professionals say let your mood inspire you! It doesn’t need to be flawless and it certainly shouldn’t take hours to painstakingly create it.

Get the Look: Becoming a cosmetologist is more than learning the latest trends in hair and makeup. It’s about helping people feel incredible. So, if you need help learning the basics in applying makeup, reach out to the students at Eric Fisher Academy, where they’re working to turn their passion into something more.

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