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What’s It Like in Wichita While You’re In Cosmetology School What’s It Like in Wichita While You’re In Cosmetology School

Tips on How to Spend Your Free Time

Congratulations! You’ve made the important decision to attend cosmetology school and are excited to get started on refining your skills for an exciting career in the beauty industry. You know what to expect when you’re completing your cosmetology training, but what about the rest of your day?

You’re in luck, because Wichita is a great place to work and live. Look at how you can spend your day when you enroll in our cosmetology school at Eric Fisher Academy:

Before Your Day of Cosmetology Training Begins

There’s nothing like chasing your dream in the morning. That’s why you need to start your day with energy and passion. Thankfully, there are some great establishments near Eric Fisher Academy to give you a boost. Check out how you can work out and fuel up with the sun when you go to cosmetology school in Wichita.

Get a Fast Breakfast at Bagel Haus
Putting in the hours at cosmetology school requires a lot of energy, but let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have the time to make a great breakfast. You’re in luck, because Bagel Haus is just minutes away from Eric Fisher Academy. Fuel up on your choice of over a dozen fresh bagels and head to class. Just make sure you’re done before you step on the salon floor, because food and beverage are not allowed.

Kookaburra Coffee for Something Simple
Not much of a breakfast eater? No problem, because you can sip on espresso from Kookaburra Coffee. This highly rated cafe serves coffee, Italian soda, tea, smoothies, and a wide variety of food. You can even stop in for a coffee tasting, where you can try brews from around the world.

Work It Out at Rebel Boxing Club
Give your cosmetology training a one-two punch and get a morning workout at Rebel Boxing Club. Classes start at 6 am and continue into the evening. Sign up for kickboxing, personal training, or receive personalized nutrition. When your class is over, enjoy full amenities like cardio equipment and weight training.

Take a Break From Cosmetology School for Lunch

Even though you might want to work at obtaining cosmetology skills every hour of the day, you still need to take a lunch break. Our cosmetology school is extra close to stores and restaurants that can help you take a few moments to unwind before you hit the salon floor. Here are just three ways to spend your lunch break at Eric Fisher Academy:

Have Lunch Around the World at Le Monde Cafe
When it’s time to take a break from becoming a cosmetologist, grab a quick bite at Le Monde Cafe, where you can taste French, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines. With something for just about everyone, you can spend a relaxing lunch with your friends from cosmetology school. You can even order ahead, so you have extra time to indulge in their baklava.

Target for That Errand You Need to Get Done
While Wichita has food, fun, and entertainment to keep you occupied for hours, you still need to get the essentials for daily living. Thankfully, Eric Fisher Academy is just minutes away from Target. Take a short drive up the street and easily get to Target for essentials and a few moments for yourself.

Experience the Salon and Spa at Eric Fisher Academy
What’s the best part about enrolling in cosmetology or esthetician school? Having access to the latest services for hair, skin, and nails! Consider signing up for a service during your lunch break, so one of your fellow students can give you a fresh look with their cosmetology training. All you need to do is get the all-clear from your instructor, and find an appropriate day for your service.

Celebrate a Long Day at Cosmetology or Esthetician School

Don’t let your accomplishments at cosmetology school go uncelebrated! There are plenty of ways in Wichita to honor your hard work. When the day is over and you’re ready to unwind and take it easy after mastering skills at techniques taught in training, visit one of these local favorites:

Take a Trip to the Park With Your Friends and Family
Wichita is home to several parks and nature trails. When your day at cosmetology school is over, visit Brown Thrush Park, Swanson Park, or Sedgwick County Park to have fun with your whole family. Looking for fun with your four-legged family member? Have an evening out at Meridian Dog Park, where your pup can have an off-leash adventure.

Hit the Sweet Spot at Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop
Walk on the sweeter side of life at Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop. They have fresh, gourmet pies perfect for celebrating a long day at cosmetology school. Choose from a vast selection of fruit, meringue, seasonal, speciality, and sugar-free pies. All of their pies are handmade from scratch, so make sure you take enough home to share.

Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar for Something Sophisticated
For cosmetology school students who are over the age of 21, relax after a long day of training at Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar. This Wichita classic has been around for 25 years of martinis, music, and fine cigars. Responsibly try one of 160 incredible martinis, over 20 varieties of designer cigars, and delicious food.

Attend a Cosmetology School Near You With a Great Location

It doesn’t matter if you choose cosmetology or esthetics, Eric Fisher Academy is here to help you learn the latest skills and techniques used in the world’s hottest industry. Not only that, we’re conveniently located near some of Wichita’s best establishments, which makes life outside of school a lot easier. Talk to our students and teachers about their favorite places to spend time when you visit our beautiful cosmetology and esthetician school.

Interested in enrolling in esthetician or cosmetology training at Eric Fisher Academy? Contact our admissions department at (316) 440-4782 or send us a message online. Don’t forget to ask us about how you can apply for scholarships and financial aid to cover the cost of cosmetology or esthetician school.