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So, You’re Ready to Enroll in Cosmetology School So, You’re Ready to Enroll in Cosmetology School

What You Should Know Before You Start Training

You’re done with styling your own hair for fun, and are ready to get skills to develop a career in cosmetology. Finding a cosmetology school is the first step into shaping your passion for hair, nails, and skin. So, what does it exactly take to enroll in training? Read these requirements before you search for a cosmetology school near you.

You Must Meet the Age Requirement for Cosmetology Training

The most common cosmetology school requirement is age. No one is ever too old to become a cosmetologist, but some people are too young to train. In the state of Kansas, you need to be at least 17 to sign up for the State Board Exam and at least 80 hours away from completing your training. This means you can enroll in cosmetology training when you’re 16. You just need to have your 17th birthday before you take your licensing exam.

Tip for Becoming a Cosmetologist: Too young to enroll in cosmetology or esthetician school? Don’t worry, you can always read the latest trends in skin and hair care. Work on nailing your routine at-home. That way, you’ll be ready with a fresh look when you enroll in a program.

Decide Which Program is Right For You – Cosmetology or Esthetician School?

Cosmetology is a very exciting career for those with creative flare, however becoming an esthetician is a brilliant choice, too. Some people choose to complete both programs to really bolster their skill set in the cosmetic industry. The only way to accurately know which program you should start with is by scheduling an appointment with admissions at a cosmetology school near you.

Tip for Becoming a Cosmetologist: Cosmetology school can help you learn skills that have nothing to do with cutting or styling hair in a salon. Many professionals choose career paths like designing looks for advertisements, working in beauty manufacturing and sales, or even becoming a member of the state board.

Talk to Yourself About the Time Commitment

It takes a lot more to graduate from cosmetology school than showing up for class. In fact, it takes about 1,500 training hours to be eligible for your state board exam. During your training hours, you’re expected to complete cosmetology training in both the classroom and in the student salon. You’ll need to have reliable transportation to your cosmetology school of choice and time to commit to completing the program.

Tip for Becoming a Cosmetologist: Always enroll in a cosmetology or esthetician program that makes you feel comfortable. If you choose a program based on location alone, you might not feel motivated to get to class daily and fall behind on your required hours.

Cosmetology School Isn’t College – But, It Still Costs Money

While cosmetology training can be considerably less than traditional college courses, it’s still very expensive, and you’ll need to find a way to pay for it. Fortunately, financial aid is here to help you cover most of the cost. So, talk to your cosmetology school about applying for loans and scholarships. However, you still need to think about the cost of shoes, clothes, and some supplies necessary to perform your training successfully.

Tip for Becoming a Cosmetologist: You won’t be guaranteed a career after graduating cosmetology school, but having the right tools makes training a lot easier! Consider a cosmetology or esthetician school that provides you with everything you need to develop skills to confidently enter the job market. This includes supplies like textbooks, curling irons, and mannequins.

Cosmetology School Is More Than Just a Few Months Out of Your Life

A successful career in cosmetology takes several years of passion, dedication, and experience. Most graduates don’t just step into the position they want as soon as their training is over. Before you begin your cosmetology training, think about if you’re willing to put in the effort and hard work it takes to become a cosmetologist. When you’re absolutely sure cosmetology is the right career path for you, enroll in a program that works with your learning style and sparks even more passion to excel in this incredible career field.

Tip for Becoming a Cosmetologist: Staying up-to-date with the latest trends in hair, makeup, and fashion is a great way to keep your enthusiasm for cosmetology going. Reading magazines, watching influencers online, and trying the newest products will keep you inspired and always moving forward towards an amazing life in cosmetology.

Nothing Wears Better Than Excellent Cosmetology Training

Are you ready to ignite your passion and enter the world of cosmetology with confidence? The teachers at Eric Fisher Academy can show you skills and techniques that you can turn into a career filled with excitement and creativity. Plus, you’ll make lifelong friends, too!

Talk to our admissions department today at (316) 440-4782 or contact us online to learn more about enrollment. Eric Fisher Academy is much more than a cosmetology school. It’s a student salon! Call (316) 440-5555 to get a custom cut, color, spa service, and more from one of our student stylists.