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Top 5 Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day Top 5 Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Plus, Tips From Our Cosmetology School on How to Get Fresh Looks at Home

It’s the season of love! Show yourself a little TLC with an incredible style that will surely capture hearts and second glances. From braids to buns, our cosmetology school has the top trends for incredible hair this Valentine’s Day, and the best tips for styling your hair at home.

1. Bring Out Your Romantic Side With Braids

There is nothing more whimsical than a braid. They are easy to take care of, keep your hair out of your face, and best of all, work incredibly well with second-day hair. So, if you’re in a rush, this Valentine’s Day style is for you! You can opt for the classic three-strand braid, an intricate-looking fishtail braid, or take your braid to the next level by making it into the shape of a heart.

If you don’t have time for braids, try twisting your hair and pinning it with bobby pins. Start at your scalp and continue to grab a little more hair as you twist. This keeps your twists close to your scalp for a clean and sophisticated look.

Cosmetology School Technique: While braids are usually secure, they get flyaways. Becoming a cosmetologist lets you experiment with different products, so ask your stylist what hairspray they recommend for your hair type.

2. Big Curls Don’t Cry – They Look Fabulous

Make your Valentine’s Day voluminous with bouncing barrel curls. You can choose loose curls that cascade down your shoulders or tight springy coils that have amazing movement. Whichever barrel curl you choose, check out these tips to get glam curls like your favorite celebrities:

  • If you want tight, structured curls, use salon barrel rollers
  • For loose curls, pin dry curls with bobby pins and blow dry
  • Give your curls more texture by using various sizes of curling irons
  • Finger comb your curls to achieve more volume

Cosmetology School Technique: Embrace the art of back combing! This old school technique is a great way to amp up the volume of your hair, without using a ton of product or hair extensions. If you don’t have cosmetology training, ask your stylist to show you how to back comb your hair so you can have everyday volume.

3. Beach Waves Are the Soft Style You’ve Been Looking For

Soft and charming beach waves are perfect for low-key Valentine’s Day dates. Sport this nautical look at a casual dinner or out with your friends for a Galentine’s Day celebration. Create a waterfall down your back by pinning your hair halfway up.

With styling beach waves, you need to find the right products. Your usual hairspray and gel won’t do. In order to look like you just hit the waves, look for a sea salt spray that suits your hair type. Some sprays work for thick hair, while others are better for fine strands.

Cosmetology School Technique: Do you want to make beach waves a regular look? Give them dimension by getting highlights. Your hair will look sun-kissed and ready to go with a shower and a little salt spray. You can get the latest techniques in hair color by visiting a student salon in a cosmetology school near you. Just call them and set up an appointment for a custom color and style.

4. Celebrate Your Inner Space Cadet With Space Buns

Send your hair out of this world to celebrate Valentine’s Day with two top-knots, aka space buns! This cute and edgy style combines festival fun with 90s edge. You can go messy with tendrils, use them to accentuate your bangs, or make them stand out with stunning box braids.

Really make your space buns spectacular by going ultra-trendy with hair glitter. Just make sure you’re using glitter made for hair, or you might have a hard time washing it out. Check out how you can use glitter in your hair:

  • Paint your roots
  • Choose hair glitter with hearts and stars
  • Highlight a few strands of your bangs or bring out your tendrils
  • Cover your whole top-knot
  • Mix and match colors or add in hair clips

Cosmetology School Technique: Elastic bands are terrible for your hair. Ask your stylist to use their cosmetology training to show you how to create space buns with bobby pins or scrunchies to save your hair from unnecessary damage.

5. Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day With a Makeover

If you really want to go all out this Valentine’s Day, schedule a full day of services at a cosmetology school near you. Ask a student stylist to come up with a customized look that you can rock way past February. Not only will you feel like new, you’ll be super confident on your next night out.

Cosmetology School Technique: It might tempt you to give yourself a makeover before Valentine’s Day, but it’s not in your best interest. That’s because you could make a mistake that you can’t fix. It’s better to get to a professional who has access to the right tools and products for a head-turning look.

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