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Get the Cut You Really Want for 2022 Get the Cut You Really Want for 2022

Your Quick Guide to Getting the Perfect Men’s Haircut

How many times have you been to the salon for a fast men’s haircut and not been happy with your results? Your hair is one of your most defining features, and if you’re not getting the style you want, you won’t be happy with what you see in the mirror. Don’t suffer through another bad style and read this guide to getting the perfect men’s haircut every time you visit the salon.

I Just Want My Usual Cut – What Do I Say to My Stylist?

When you sit down in the salon chair for your usual cut, you need to discuss with your stylist whether you prefer a clipper or scissor cut. If you usually get a clipper cut, it’s good to know what guard numbers you normally use. Each guard cuts your hair to a specific length and most men’s haircuts need multiple guards.

When you become a cosmetologist, you’ll most likely have a special course on men’s hair care. However, if you haven’t enrolled in cosmetology school just yet, you should know that the smaller the number on the clipper guard, the less hair it leaves behind. For instance, clipper guard number 2 leaves your hair ¼ of an inch long and guard number 8 cuts your hair down to about an inch.

After you find a clipper cut you like, ask your stylist to write down the guard numbers they used. That way, you can always be sure you’re asking for the right style no matter what salon you visit. Don’t forget to stay open to suggestions! You never know how much you might love an updated look until you try it.

If you want to learn more details about how to cut men’s hair with clippers, just search for a “cosmetology school near me” and request more information on enrolling in a program designed to help you build a career as a hairstylist.

What Do I Say to My Hair Stylist When I Want to Try Something New?

Switching up your hairstyle is a great way to feel like new. However, there are some things you need to discuss with your stylist before you commit to the cut. Here are some tips on how to talk to your stylist about trying something new with your hair:

How Much Effort Are You Willing to Put In?

New hairstyles are amazing to show off, but most of them require a lot of effort and upkeep. If you want to try a style that’s long and textured on top, you might need to purchase styling products to make your hair appear more polished, and it could require you to get up earlier in the morning to style your hair.

Short cuts need a lot of maintenance, too. Fades can quickly lose their blend and edging when your hair grows, which means you’ll be in the chair for a cut more often. You can enhance your fade technique after you become a cosmetologist, because gaining experience in the field is the best way to get this cut correct.

Do You Have Time for Longer Appointments?

If you’re used to an in-and-out kind of haircut, then you might not want to get a style that requires a lot of time and patience. For instance, a scissor cut takes much longer than a clipper cut.

Cosmetology schools often have students who are learning the latest techniques and skills in cutting and styling hair. They can help you decide what cut is best for you and suggest products to keep it looking sharp.

So, Which Men’s Haircuts Are Trending for 2022?

The cool part about men’s haircuts is that they can easily mix classic and modern styles to pull off an incredible look. Ready to update your look with something fresh? Check out these cuts to make you look your best for the upcoming year:

Crew Cut Fade

You can never go wrong with a crew cut, because it’s super customizable and works with all hair types. Leave it as long or as short as you like and make your fade as defined as you want. It looks good cut short with texture or slicked back with medium length.

A New Twist on the High and Tight

This military inspired cut is taking on new lengths in 2022, because you’re switching out a flat top with an ultra-textured style. Make it more unique by trying out the hottest colors of the new year, like light blue and forest green.

Embrace Your Wave With a Quiff

If you don’t mind a bit of brushing and dash of product, this cut is for you. Leave your hair long on top and blend it down to the nape of your neck. Keep it looking neat and styled by brushing it back with a bristle brush and using a small amount of pomade or hair spray to tame your waves.

Learn How to Cut Men’s Hair and More, When You Become a Cosmetologist

At Eric Fisher Academy, we can help you learn the techniques and skills you need to take your passion for hair and turn it into a career. Our cosmetology school includes a beautiful student salon, where you can have hands-on experience cutting hair. We even offer an estheticians program, too.

Ready to enroll? We have classes starting in January! Our admissions department is ready to answer all of your questions about cosmetology training. Call us today at (316) 440-4782 or contact us online to learn more about getting started in cosmetology school. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment at our student salon for your next cut!