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Ready to Open Your Own Beauty Salon? Read This First! Ready to Open Your Own Beauty Salon? Read This First!

What to Do After You Graduate From Cosmetology School

Do you have big dreams of becoming a cosmetologist and opening your own salon? The process can seem overwhelming, but don’t ditch your dream just yet. This easy guide will help you open the doors to your own beauty salon, be your own boss, and dedicate yourself to an exciting career in cosmetology. So, what does it really take to open your own salon?

Yes, You Have to Go to Cosmetology School to Open Your Own Salon

You need to graduate from cosmetology school in order to legally perform hair, skin, and nail services on clients. In most states, it’s illegal to practice salon services without a license. If you get caught performing services without a license, in an unlicensed salon, you risk losing the privilege of practicing cosmetology for life.

You need cosmetology training to give your clients the styles they want safely. There are proper ways to hold cutting shears, use bleach for highlights, clean up a blood spill, and more. If you skip learning these important techniques from a reputable cosmetology school, you risk hurting your client and yourself.

Always receive your training from a cosmetology school that provides a comprehensive curriculum. That way, you’re educated with the tools you need to run a business and perform excellent cosmetic services that will keep the money rolling in.

Get Into the Gritty Details of Your Target Market

This can be one of the hardest parts about setting up your beauty salon. You need to think about your demographic, aka your target market, for your business. Here are some things you need to ask before you choose the location for your salon:

  • What age group can my skills best serve?
  • Where do my clients live?
  • What services do I want to offer my clients and at what prices?
  • Is there a cosmetology school near me to help learn more about salon business practices?

After you figure out who you want to market your salon services to, you can move on to choosing the best location for your salon.

Uses Your Cosmetology Training to Look for the Perfect Location

Opening a salon is more than just creating a beautiful salon floor and providing incredible services. It’s about choosing the perfect location. Fortunately, the best cosmetology school programs offer business courses, too. Use that training and these quick tips to help you find the right place for your new salon:


If you’re not bringing a lot of your own clients to your new location, then your business is going to rely on foot traffic. This means you need to choose a spot that has excellent visibility. However, if you already have a lot of clients or are providing labor-intensive services like custom color and hair extensions, then consider a location that’s best for appointments only.


Making sure everyone has equal access to your services is one of your top priorities when you open your own salon. Becoming a cosmetologist means you need to make each of your clients feel comfortable and look fabulous, so don’t just do the bare minimum to accommodate people with disabilities. Be sure to include products for all hair and skin types, only hire those with the best cosmetology training, and give your salon floor ample space for wheelchairs.

Surrounding Business and Salons

You don’t want to pick a location that has a competing salon or businesses that might drive away traffic. For instance, your clients probably don’t want to get their hair cut next to a restaurant that makes your salon smell like fish or try to relax with music blasting from a store next door.

Cost and Size of the Space

Once you’ve found a location that you think might work for your business, compare other spaces in the area to get an idea of what you should pay. Don’t pay over the value of the space and use your cosmetology training to reasonably negotiate a better price. If the location is too expensive, it’s in your best interest to look for something else.

Get the Right Licenses to Open a Salon

There are few extra steps for getting the right licenses and permits. So, plan on doing a little extra work after cosmetology school to gather the documents to get your business started. Here are all the licenses and permits you need to open your salon:

  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • State Cosmetology License
  • Salon Business Operation License
  • Salon Retail Seller Permit

You also need salon insurance, which is an average of $240 a month for a salon with two employees. Keep in mind that insurance rates are based on your geographic location, number of employees you have, types of services provided, and many other factors.

Ready to Enroll in Cosmetology School and Get Your Dream Started?

Then come to Eric Fisher Academy where we have the most comprehensive curriculum available for cosmetology training in Wichita. Not only do we teach the latest cosmetology and esthetic techniques, we offer money management and social media marketing courses, too!

Get your cosmetology license by next year at Eric Fisher Academy by enrolling in our January program. To schedule an appointment with our admissions office, contact us online or call (316) 440-4782 today. Check out our student salon and spa services to make your next day off better than ever, while you’re here!