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We’re Busting the Biggest Myths About Cosmetology School We’re Busting the Biggest Myths About Cosmetology School

The Top 6 Myths About Pursuing Cosmetologist Careers in Wichita

When you have a passion for helping people and can’t imagine a better feeling than leaving your favorite salon with a fresh look, then you’ve probably considered cosmetology school a time or two.

However, there’s a lot of information available, and it’s difficult to know which details are actually true. That’s okay, because we’re here to bust the top six myths about cosmetology school, so you can get on the path to an incredible career.

1. Natural Talent is a Requirement

One of the most surprising aspects about cosmetology programs is how technical they are. This means you can’t rely on natural talent to lead you to a successful career, because cosmetology concerns itself with much more than hair.

While one person may be excellent at providing cuts and color, they may struggle with applying makeup or communicating with their clients. This means that the only way to have a distinguished career in cosmetology is by learning the latest techniques and skills from quality instructors and practicing them as often as possible.

2. There’s an Age Limit at Cosmetology Schools Near You

Starting a new chapter in your life is intimidating, no matter what age you are. That being said, beauty school is for everyone.

You won’t find another place where your age, race, religion, and gender truly don’t matter. If you have the drive to dedicate yourself to being the best cosmetologist you can be, then this is the right choice for you.

3. You Don’t Actually Need Cosmetology School

Not only is this a myth, but it’s downright dangerous. We’ve all seen what happens when an inexperienced home stylist tries to bleach a friend’s hair or cut their own bangs. It never ends well. When you practice cosmetology without proper classes, you risk you and your clients’ safety.

Cosmetology school teaches you how to perform a proper blood-spill procedure, avoid chemical burns and hair damage, how to hold shears without cutting yourself, and a lot more to ensure you can provide the safest service possible.

4. Your Only Option for Cosmetology Careers is in a Salon

This is probably one of the biggest myths about cosmetology there is. While many cosmetologists make a wonderful living from the comfort of a salon, it’s not for everyone. Look at some of the cosmetology careers available after you finish school:

Makeup Artist

There are several opportunities for you to advance your cosmetology career in makeup, and many people end up traveling the world with this incredible skill. You can choose to specialize in fashion, media, or special effects.

Beauty Influencer and Brand Ambassador

Social media isn’t going anywhere and top brands in cosmetics are taking advantage of exceptional cosmetologists. It’s important that our favorite brands choose a person they can trust to represent their products.

What better way than with an amazing cosmetologist? Take a peek at hair stylists like Philip Wolff or Guy Tang for influencer inspiration.

Cosmetology Instructor

If you really want to combine your passion for helping people and your love of cosmetology, then becoming a cosmetology instructor might be the perfect job for you. Move around all day, meet new people, and help your students invest in their futures.

5. There Isn’t Money in Cosmetology

Did you know the United States holds the world’s largest beauty market? That’s right: we spend billions of dollars every year on improving how we look, and cosmetologists are reaping the benefits.

In fact, the job outlook for this occupation will grow 19 percent in the next 10 years, which is much faster than most other career fields. Cosmetology is considered a “recession-proof” career, because people will always need salon services.

6. School Doesn’t Work for Some People

When you think about school, images of droning teachers and hours of boring homework most likely come to mind. This may lead you to believe that cosmetology school isn’t the right choice for you, but that simply isn’t true! Cosmetology is the best chance for you to break out of your shell, embrace your creativity, and take control of your career.

You never have to worry about the pitfalls of a traditional four-year college, because learning cosmetology always has you on the move. You’ll get hands-on experience in a student salon under the supervision of a licensed professional and spend time with people who share your same passion.

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