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How Your Wichita Cosmetology School Training Can Bring Joy This Holiday Season How Your Wichita Cosmetology School Training Can Bring Joy This Holiday Season

Put Your Skills to the Test as You Prep for Your Cosmetology Career

Not everyone has a flair for hair or a knack for nails. But you do, and people are looking to you to help them make their holiday special.

And truthfully, while you put your talents toward helping people feel good about themselves, you can use them to help yourself out, too.

Here’s how your cosmetologist training can help you and your clients celebrate the winter holidays in true Eric Fisher Academy style.

Suggest Salon Services as Gifts

Gain experience in the student salon by suggesting that your clients purchase haircuts, coloring, or nail services as gifts for their loved ones.

People love gifts like these because they encourage self care and promote relaxation. And let’s face it: almost everyone needs a good haircut at some point!

By suggesting services as gifts, you’ll be bringing in more clients to the student salon so you and your fellow students can practice techniques on real people. It’s also excellent practice for your future marketing and retention efforts after you graduate and work full-time in a salon.

Provide Gorgeous Updos or Blow-Outs for Special Occasions

Many women turn to cosmetologists for help in creating a jaw-dropping holiday look for parties or family gatherings.

For formal holiday get-togethers or New Year’s Eve galas, you can create updos that complement your client’s outfit. They’ll stand out from the crowd with your elegant or edgy hair creation.

Or deliver the perfect blow-out so your client has full, flirty hair, full of movement.

Prepare for a New Career in the New Year

If you started your cosmetology training earlier in the year, after the winter holidays, you’ll be nearly finished with your schooling. You can take advantage of some downtime during the holidays while Eric Fisher Academy is on break by using these spare moments to study for your Board of Cosmetology exams.

And even if you aren’t ready to study for the Boards, you can still use your spare time around the holidays to brush up on important cosmetology concepts.

Practice Holiday Nail Looks

Once you’re proficient with your polish, you can add embellishments to your practice nails as you build a portfolio of cosmetology services.

So many people come to the salon looking for ways to accessorize for the holidays, and nail polish is one of the easiest ways to achieve it.

You can practice creating holiday color palettes, simple decorative accent nails, and more. You might even get inspired for a nail look of your own.

Tame Wild Winter Hair

Dry air causes static electricity that makes your hair stand on end. And it’s no friend to already-brittle hair.

During your cosmetologist training at Eric Fisher Academy, you’ll learn how to keep hair as healthy as possible and overcome damage.

Because everyone’s hair is different, and their hair struggles are, too, this winter is the perfect time to broaden your hair product knowledge and treatment skills to help your clients manage flyaways, breakage, and static.

Change Your Life

If you haven’t started cosmetology school yet, this winter is the perfect time to do it. A new cosmetology class starts after the new year, so you can spend your holidays preparing to go back to school.

If you’ve never had a career before, or if you’re looking for a change, what is cosmetology if not the perfect career for you? Unlike longer academic programs, you can begin your new life in as little as 10 months after you enroll, so you don’t have to wait years to start doing something you love.

If you’re a good communicator, have a passion for people, and have a keen interest in the beauty industry, why not enroll in cosmetology school near you?

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