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Why This Fall is the Perfect Time to Start Esthetics School Why This Fall is the Perfect Time to Start Esthetics School

Learn What Esthetics Is and Become an Esthetician at Eric Fisher Academy

It’s never a bad time to pursue a new career, and at Eric Fisher Academy, we make it easy for people looking to work in the beauty industry as cosmetologists or estheticians.

And with autumn approaching, now’s your chance to get started on your esthetics training. Our 27-week program is designed to prepare students for a rewarding career working in a spa or salon, or to start their own beauty business.

Let’s take a look at why this fall is the perfect time to start esthetics school at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita. But first, let’s learn what it means to be an esthetician.

What is esthetics?

In the beauty industry, esthetics refers to the health and beautification of the skin. Estheticians help their clients by applying techniques and products to the epidermal layer of the skin, including performing chemical peels, hair removal, pore cleansing, makeup application, and more.

If you’ve ever had a professional facial, eyebrow wax, or lash treatment, you’ve probably visited an esthetician!

How do you become an esthetician?

If you live in or near Wichita, Kansas, you can prepare to become an esthetician in as little as 27 weeks, when you attend Eric Fisher Academy, an award-winning and world-renowned beauty school.

After completing our program, you’ll simply need to pass the Kansas board exams. Voila! You’re an esthetician!

Summer vacations are complete.

Summer time is the perfect time to take a trip with the whole fam. Autumn is less popular for traveling. With fewer potential interruptions for vacations, you’ll be able to focus on your education.

The kids are back in school, too.

If you’re a parent, you probably count down the days until your children go back to school. And with daytime classes for esthetician school near you, you can hit the classroom at the same time as your kids!

If you can plan it so that your classes happen at the same time as their school days, then you’ll need to spend less on childcare and have plenty of time to focus on bettering yourself and preparing for your new career. When you all get home at the end of the school day, you can sit and do your homework together, too.

The weather is cooling off.

With lower temperatures and the threat of fall winds and impending snow during the winter, you probably want to spend less time outdoors and more time inside, where you can feel cozy and warm.

Starting esthetician school in the fall means you don’t have to give up a full summer to classes, and you can take classes inside, where it’s warm, during the coldest months of the year.

There’s plenty of time to get acclimated before the winter holidays.

If you start your esthetics training in the fall, you have a couple of months before the winter holidays. That gives you enough time to get used to your schedule and new responsibilities before adding on the stress of holiday shopping and decorating.

You’ll know about the products and tools you can add to your holiday wish list.

If you’ve ever been unsure about what to add to your holiday wishlist, then starting school in the fall sets you up for creating the best list ever.

After taking a few classes before the holiday season, you’ll know about some of the best products for your skin. You can then request those products as holiday gifts from your loved ones, who are never sure what to buy for you. It sure beats a new bathrobe!

You’ll be ready to start a new career before the following fall.

When you start esthetics school in the fall, assuming you regularly attend classes, you’ll be able to complete your training by early-to mid summer, depending on when you begin.

You can then apply for jobs after earning your certification and license from the state, and be comfortably settled in your new role before the holiday season.

Start Down Your New Career Path Today

If esthetics school sounds like a good fit for you, and you’re ready to get started, we have great news: Eric Fisher Academy is enrolling esthetics students for the fall. Call us at 316-440-4782 to schedule a tour of our modern, gorgeous facility and newly-upgraded student spa, and to talk to our financial aid and admissions departments. We can’t wait to meet you!