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Making the Cut: Going Beyond Cosmetology Training Making the Cut: Going Beyond Cosmetology Training

Why Aspiring Cosmetologists Develop Business Skills at Eric Fisher Academy

The pursuit of a cosmetology career requires you to master all the techniques necessary to perform the latest hair, makeup, or nail services so your clients leave your salon looking and feeling their best.

That means you understand and can perform chemical services, like coloring and perming; hands-on services like cutting, styling, and blow-outs; and nail and makeup services, like application, pedicures, and manicures, among others.

But the most successful cosmetologists also have a grasp on the business side of the beauty industry, which requires specialized knowledge and training. If cosmetology has a creative side, it also has a professional business side. And both are important for your success.

The best cosmetology schools in Kansas incorporate important business, finance, and marketing skills into their curricula, including Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita. The Prosper U curriculum, specially designed by renowned cosmetologist Eric Fisher himself, includes everything a newly-minted cosmetologist needs to make a mark on the beauty industry and simultaneously step out into the business world. Combined with financial skills and business practices from other areas of cosmetology training, this curriculum sets EFA apart.

Social Media Training for Cosmetologists

The world of digital marketing can be scary, particularly if you don’t understand how it works to build brand awareness, generate leads, and connect with potential clients.

Developing a social media strategy and posting quality content can get you noticed and bring clients into the door. Sharing your talents with the world helps you build your reputation.

The Beauty as a Business social media marketing curriculum at Eric Fisher Academy teaches you to effectively use your professional social media accounts. You’ll even learn how to set them up and begin running them before you graduate, so you can start attracting clients right away.

Legendary Customer Service for Salons

You can be the most talented hair stylist for miles around, but if your customer service is subpar, your clients will leave you to go somewhere else.

It’s vitally important that your salon’s culture is appealing to your guests, so that they feel comfortable and even excited about coming back again and again.

Building these client relationships also positions you to gain referrals from long-term clients, increase your average ticket through product sales and additional service bookings, and more.

Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency

How many aspiring cosmetologists come to class on the first day of their training and understand how to book appointments in a way that efficiently uses time and maximizes the number of possible daily appointments? The number is almost always zero percent! And that’s because maximizing productivity and efficiency in a salon setting is not something most people are capable of doing without receiving instruction.

Efficiency is one of the most important ways you can turn a significant profit in the beauty industry. Understanding how to schedule your clients and juggle multiple tasks at the same time will help to increase your daily earnings, without sacrificing the ever-important customer service that is necessary in the most successful salons and independent beauty businesses.

Form Great Money Habits

A financial foundations program designed especially for the beauty industry, Money Habits helps cosmetology students build critical financial skills to help them become successful at work and in life.

The Money Habits program teaches students how to budget, even with irregular paychecks and tips, a circumstance unique to the beauty industry. The program also helps students learn to prioritize savings, plan for large expenses, and understand debt. The goal? For students to begin building wealth using the skills they develop while attending cosmetology school.

Kick off Your Cosmetology Career with Top-Notch Training at Eric Fisher Academy

If you want to make it in the beauty industry, you’ll want to get your start at a cosmetology school near you that’s known for its outstanding reputation. If you live in central Kansas, that school is Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita.

Founded by industry innovator Eric Fisher in 2007, EFA has grown to become one of the leading beauty schools in the nation, drawing students from all over the United States to pursue a career in cosmetology or esthetics. Our school has earned numerous awards from industry experts, including Best Facility in the Country and Best School Culture in the Country from Modern Salon magazine.

Our professional partnerships also set us apart. Eric Fisher Academy is proud to be a MUD Make-up partner school; MAC Cosmetics and Urban Decay affiliated school; and Aquage training school. Our cosmetology students also receive training in industry-standard product lines like Redken, ColorProof, and more.

If you’re ready to start a new, exciting career, working with new people every day, then cosmetology might be for you. And what is cosmetology, but an opportunity to change your life and the lives of others?

Get started today at Eric Fisher Academy. Cosmetology classes for the fall are enrolling now.