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Meet Cosmetology School Learning Leader Jessica Cartwright Meet Cosmetology School Learning Leader Jessica Cartwright

She’s Just One of Many Awesome Instructors at Eric Fisher Academy

Jessica Cartwright was in beauty school herself a decade ago. After she graduated and worked behind the chair in a salon, she was steadfast in her desire to teach others to become cosmetologists.

Jessica says she still comes to work at Eric Fisher Academy every day feeling like it’s not just a job, but her career. For her, the old adage is true: When you’re doing what you love, you never have to work a day in your life.

We talked to Jessica to discover what made her want to pursue a cosmetology career and become an instructor at our fabulous beauty school in Wichita, KS.

Why did you choose to work for Eric Fisher Academy?

I wanted to be a part of a team that strives for excellence in each students’ education. I also love that Eric Fisher is so passionate about ongoing education to learn the latest techniques and staying on the forefront of the industry.

What do you like about instructing the next generation of cosmetologists?

I enjoy all aspects of teaching and find it to be very rewarding. I love to see when students have that “a-ha” moment where they get to experience or learn something that is completely new to them.

As beauty professionals, we have the opportunity to serve others, make them feel good about themselves, and brighten their day. I also love watching their passion grow as they work through the program!

What piece of advice do you give someone who is aspiring to become a cosmetologist?

To really thrive in this industry, it’s important to have passion and drive. If you stay focused on your goals and push yourself, you could accomplish great things!

What sort of personality do you need to be a successful cosmetologist?

The better you are as a person, the better you are as a hairstylist. You must genuinely care about people and realize that at the end of the day, it’s all about you and a client, a consultation, a salon experience, and delivering what makes them happy and what makes them feel good about themselves. It comes easy and is sincere if you truly develop skills being a good person, and you genuinely care about people.

How has the field changed since you started working in it? Where do you see it going in the future?

One of the most memorable beauty trends in 2011 was the feathery hair extensions — it seems like everyone had one. Pink hair was everywhere. Also, ombré hair color was a popular trend.

Vivid colors will continue to stick around, while the feathery extensions and ombré hair have already fizzled out. A new year means new styles! It will be exciting to see what 2022 brings in terms of popular hair and makeup trends!

Beauty trends are always changing, and that’s what our clients want: a beauty professional who stays up-to-date on the latest trends. Cosmetology is a rock-solid profession and continues to be a growing demand for beauty professionals.

What’s your favorite part of the curriculum at Eric Fisher Academy?

I really love teaching the Prosper U Drivers of Success to our students. EFA is the only Prosper U school in our area, and I truly believe it makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our students get to learn beauty industry-specific skills about customer service, maximizing productivity, retailing, retention, rebooking, and more before they even graduate. We frequently hear from salon and spa owners about how prepared our students are compared to others who are interviewing for the same positions.

Why do you think students should choose EFA for their education over other places?

Eric Fisher Academy provides the best educational experience you can get. Everyone genuinely cares about your success and will do everything we can to make you successful in your beauty career.

What can students expect from an education from Eric Fisher Academy, day-to-day?

Each phase has a set schedule for salon clinic floor and classroom days. Regardless of what phase they’re in, they will be immersed in everything they need to know to be successful, from business skills to how to cut hair. We ultimately want them to pass their State Board Exam when the time comes, but we also want them to be experts at what they do and to genuinely love their careers.

How do you help students meet their goals – building skills, getting a job, etc.?

I love to help students meet their goals by encouraging them to build their portfolios. A portfolio is the most important thing you should have to grow your career, so it’s important that it’s strong and continues to grow with you even after you graduate.

Ready to Become a Cosmetologist?

Eric Fisher Academy cosmetology classes are enrolling now, so don’t miss your opportunity to pursue the next chapter in your life and start a rewarding, people-focused career.

Request more information about upcoming classes, and call our Admissions Office to take a tour of our classrooms and student spa in Wichita, Kansas. We look forward to meeting you!