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What You Need to Know About Hair Coloring What You Need to Know About Hair Coloring

Learn the Specifics at our Cosmetology School in Kansas

A decade-old beauty brand study revealed that 75 percent of American women dye their hair, and 88 percent of women said their hair has a direct effect on how confident they feel. Despite the study being conducted years ago, we posit that there are even more women coloring their hair, especially with the ongoing popularity of techniques like balayage, which was less well-known back in 2008.

And what about everyone else with hair? There’s a large percentage of them requesting hair coloring services at their salons, too.

Hair coloring allows people to express themselves, and in some cases, feel good about themselves. Done right, and a person looks completely different at the conclusion of the hair coloring process.

And because hair color can seemingly change someone’s whole appearance, it’s important to be good at it and to master the techniques so that you get the best possible results every time. At Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita, Kansas, our cosmetology students practice coloring techniques, including on real human clients. Here are a few basic things they learn about coloring before earning their certification and graduating.

Cosmetologists Must Understand Color Theory

Clients requesting balayage and highlights trust you to choose complementary colors for their final look. That means that, when you become a cosmetologist, you need to know which colors work well together, which don’t, and how to mix them to achieve the best results.

You’ll also want to understand how where you apply hair color affects the overall look of hair. For example, strategically-placed highlights can frame your client’s face in a really flattering way, and other techniques can make thin hair look deceivingly more full and lustrous. Choosing the proper pigmentation and color saturation is absolutely key.

Understanding how colors, shades, highlights, and lowlights work together to create stunning hair color is a must! Cosmetology students in Wichita, Kansas, learn all about this in their classes and salon practice at Eric Fisher Academy.

Cosmetologists are Chemists!

Before applying any type of chemical to your clients’ hair – whether that’s color, relaxer, or other styling products – you need to know exactly how they act on hair strands and the scalp. Experienced cosmetologists can explain the exact chemical and physical reactions that occur with each product application, and that means they’re a lot like scientists in some ways!

Without this product knowledge, you risk damaging your clients’ tresses and skin. A thorough training program, like the one at Eric Fisher Academy, arms you with this knowledge so you can not only pass the Kansas Cosmetology Board exam after graduation, but so you can help your clients feel beautiful and worry-free while they’re in your styling chair in the salon.

Client Satisfaction Drives Your Beauty Business and Your Cosmetology Career

If a chef thinks the flavor of the dish they just prepared just isn’t quite right, they can add seasonings and spices until it tastes better, or start over on the dish with the rest of the food in their pantry. A professional writer can hit the backspace key and delete a sentence that didn’t turn out perfectly.

But a cosmetologist whose hair coloring doesn’t turn out quite right has fewer options. If you make a mistake, your client will have to live with that mistake until their hair can be fixed. And with your cosmetology career built on attracting and retaining clients, it might be hard to keep customers around when you make mistakes on their hair color.

Dissatisfied customers leave negative reviews online, or tell others about their experiences. In fact, a recent consumer study found that negative experiences were more likely to produce an online review than a positive experience. A client with a bad experience is 21 percent more likely to share that experience than if they had a good one. And you don’t want coloring errors walking around in the world, because they’re essentially billboards for the quality of your work.

Attending cosmetology school at Eric Fisher Academy prepares you for a variety of coloring requests you might receive from clients, so you can deliver the best results the first time.

Interested in Becoming a Cosmetologist?

If you live in Kansas, or if you’re willing to live in Kansas while you’re in cosmetology school, you can’t go wrong by attending Eric Fisher academy, located in Wichita. EFA is one of the best cosmetology schools you could ever attend, and it’s run by world-renowned cosmetologist Eric Fisher.

With expert instruction by Eric Fisher himself and his skilled instructors, students practice with real clients in our modern school and student salon. Our students also receive specialized training in business topics, such as finance, marketing, and more, so they’re better prepared for success upon graduation.

With small class sizes, rolling start times, and full-time classes, career changers and first-timers can get the training they need, including in hair coloring, and graduate in as little as 10 months!

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