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What Estheticians Need to Know About Anti-Aging Equipment Modalities What Estheticians Need to Know About Anti-Aging Equipment Modalities

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The number and variety of modalities available to reverse signs of aging and improve overall skin quality is astounding. With so many options, professional estheticians must understand exactly which to use for their clients so they can receive the maximum benefit from them.

So what should you consider when helping your client choose treatment options? Let’s explore the latest advancements in skincare, how to choose what’s worth it and what isn’t in your business, and where you can learn more about getting started in the esthetics field.

Pricing and Profit Considerations

When you own your own esthetics salon, you’ll have to make decisions about the equipment you want and the services you’ll offer to clients. Because there are so many on the market, it’s important that, as an esthetician, you choose carefully.

You want to select equipment that works well, will set you apart from your competitors, and that will help your salon make money, too. You should ask yourself whether a skincare device will help you increase your profits, and how long it will take to repay the cost of that equipment. In short: what is your return on investment for purchasing the equipment?

Light Heat Energy

Light Heat Energy, or LHE, combines the power of both light and heat at low frequencies to treat the dermis and rejuvenate the skin, including improving blood circulation and absorption of serums and creams. Estheticians may use LHE modalities without physician supervision.

LHE treatments are focused on collagen renewal, rosacea treatment, vascular lesion or pigmented lesion treatment, and wrinkle reduction. The treatment triggers the body to begin a wound-healing response, which produces new collagen and replaces the old, adding elasticity and firmness.

LED Treatment

The LED modality stimulates both collagen and elastin production, is non-invasive, painless, and is safe for all skin types. Each LED wavelength has its own benefits.

  • Blue: kills bacteria
  • Amber: stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Red: improves circulation and reduces inflammation
  • Infrared: soothes the skin and improves product absorption

Most commonly, red, infrared, and amber are used together for the ultimate skin rejuvenation combination. Together, these colors reduce the look of pores, increase moisture retention, encourage collagen production, and help prevent skin damage from the environment.

Estheticians can use LEDs in any state without physician supervision, so this modality should be a staple of your business. Choose from panel LEDs for phototherapy, which covers a large treatment area, or a handheld, which targets the treatment, but requires you to hold the device for the full duration. Combine LED therapy with a variety of your facial services; peptide serums, creams, and masks may be more effective with the light, and vice-versa.

Galvanic Current

The galvanic machine provides a constant and direct current of energy with a positive and negative pole to produce chemical reactions as it passes through bodily tissues. The chemical reactions are ionic iontophoresis and chemical desincrustation. Both are necessary to achieve the best anti-aging results, and the modality is safe for estheticians to use as a foundation of their practice.

Begin the treatment with desincrustation, a deep-cleansing process that softens and emulsifies sebum to prepare the skin for extractions. At the end of the facial, ionic iontophoresis helps the products you’ve applied penetrate into the skin to maximize benefits.


This modality tightens the muscles under the skin to reduce the look of sagging skin, jowls, and nasolabial folds. The microcurrent sends tiny electrical signals to muscles, creating a lifted appearance once treatment is complete.

This “muscular re-education” firms the face, as well as increases blood and lymph circulation, collagen and elastin production, protein synthesis, and cell membrane transport. It also helps your skincare products to absorb more readily. Microcurrent machines are approved for esthetician use.

Radio Frequency

approved for esthetician use is the radio frequency (RF) procedure. This treats skin laxity by stimulating neocollagenesis in deep layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The results include firm and tight skin.

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