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How to Find Success as a Skin Care Technician How to Find Success as a Skin Care Technician

Get the Skills You Need in Esthetician School in Wichita, Kansas

Becoming a skin care technician or esthetician is a wonderful career choice for personable people who enjoy helping a variety of clients.

But because the job description of an esthetician can vary from role-to-role and even workplace-to-workplace, it’s important to know that there’s also more than one version of success as a skin care technician.

Esthetician school prepares you by teaching you the hard skills you need to help take care of your clients, but over the years, it’s up to you to develop “soft skills,” those that include personal attributes, traits, and communication abilities essential for your job.

Here are a few ways you can begin polishing your skills as you work to become an esthetician through your education at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita, Kansas.

Successful Estheticians Respect Everyone’s Time

Regardless of where you work as a skin care technician, you’ll need to be efficient and practice good time management skills.

A successful esthetician never rushes or cuts corners, nor do they waste their clients’ or coworkers’ time. You can show others that you value them by ensuring that your workstation is well-prepared and stocked, being on time to your client appointments, and communicating efficiently – but in a friendly manner – with everyone around you.

The more time you spend practicing your hard skills – performing services, prepping and cleaning your station, and booking appointments – the easier it will be to become an efficient esthetician in all areas of your work.

Successful Estheticians Keep Learning

It’s impossible to become a skin care technician without proper training, but your education doesn’t end when you earn your certificate. As new skincare products become available and the latest technologies are developed, you’ll need to stay up-to-date on them so you can continue providing the best care to your clients.

Not only will your client expect you to use the latest tools and products, but your employer will expect you to understand them, too.

Believe it or not, even skilled estheticians make mistakes. It’s important that part of your ongoing education is learning from those mistakes by examining what you could have done better for each client, particularly if you think you weren’t up to par or could have chosen better products for your clients’ skin types.

Self-reflection is key to success in any career, but especially in skin care, and delivering good results keeps your clients coming back to see you again and again.

Successful Skin Care Technicians Practice Good Etiquette

Being a good esthetician means you are a master at having sensitive conversations, are compassionate toward your clients and others, and that you are considerate of privacy expectations.

Many people who make appointments with skin care technicians do so because they have concerns that they’re looking to have addressed so that they can look or feel better about themselves. Finding a tactful way to address a person’s skin tone quality or unwanted hair is important. You don’t want to upset your client or make them feel you get pleasure from pointing out their flaws.

Because you work face-to-face – quite literally – with your clients, it’s important that you’re a compassionate service provider. Be sensitive to their mood and learn to “read the room,” so that your interactions with them leave them feeling respected.

And finally, it’s important to remember that an esthetician is not a medical provider, and therefore not governed by the same privacy laws as doctors, nurses, and others in the field. But you should never make your clients feel they have made the wrong decision in coming to you for help.

Don’t discuss their skin challenges with other people – unless it is a coworker you’re asking for advice with regard to products you may use or suggest during their treatment. Always ask yourself if you’d be OK with someone else sharing such information about you with anyone else. If the answer is “no,” you probably shouldn’t talk about it.

How to Become a Skin Care Technician

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