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Different Salon Jobs to Pursue After Cosmetology School Different Salon Jobs to Pursue After Cosmetology School

Do What You Love in One of These Jobs for Cosmetologists

The majority of people who attend cosmetology school do so because they have a passion for helping people to feel beautiful and look their best. Graduates of cosmetology schools like Eric Fisher Academy go on to hold positions in well-respected salons. And there are plenty of roles to choose from, once you’ve gained the experience necessary to perform salon services that please your clients.

Upon receiving your cosmetology license, you could be hired for any of these salon-based jobs. Which one is the best fit for you?

Stylist Assistant Jobs for Cosmetologists

A stylist assistant is an entry-level cosmetology job in a hair salon, usually for recent graduates of cosmetology training programs. As a stylist assistant, you’ll likely undergo hands-on training in a salon setting, while performing some clerical work and preparation work for stylists and other staff. A stylist assistant job allows recently-licensed cosmetologists to learn the ropes of the salon industry with expert guidance.

Hair Salon Stylist

One of the most obvious cosmetology careers is that of a hair stylist. After spending time as a stylist assistant, most cosmetologists are promoted to official stylist. Stylists take on clients and provide hair cuts, styling, and coloring services. When you think of salon-based careers, stylist is probably the very first that comes to mind.

Hair Colorist Jobs

In larger or more luxurious salons, you will likely find cosmetologists who specialize in hair coloring. They do nothing else but color and style hair. To become a color specialist, you’ll need to be a true expert in all things hair coloring, bleaching, and toning, and keeping your clients’ hair healthy while undergoing all these processes. Getting a knack for on-trend coloring, including vibrant hues, balayage techniques, and more, will help you land a role like colorist in a hair salon.

Becoming a Barber After Cosmetology School

Like a stylist, a barber specializes in hair cutting. Unlike a stylist, however, a barber focuses solely on men’s hairstyles. Barbers can also cut women’s hair, if they’re seeking out a traditionally masculine cut. Barbers also know how to groom, trim, and shape facial hair. It doesn’t matter what gender you identify as; anyone can be a barber if they have special interest in helping clients care for shorter hairstyles.

Nail Technicians in Salons

Yes, nail services are included within the scope of cosmetology! One of the more specialized jobs for a licensed cosmetologist, the role of nail technician provides manicures and pedicures to clients. Today’s nail technicians need to be well-versed in a variety of manicure and pedicure-related technology and products, including the ever-popular “dip manicure,” which lasts up to three weeks before a new application is required.

Makeup Artist Jobs in Salons

Did you know that you can attend cosmetology school or esthetician school to become a makeup artist? In salons, makeup artists help clients care for their skin and apply makeup looks for special occasions, including weddings and other formal events. The purpose of makeup is to enhance your client’s beauty, so being skilled with makeup brushes is key.

Salon Manager

Some people choose to attend cosmetology school because they can put their people skills to work. Other students who possess a preference for all things business might become licensed cosmetologists with the goal of becoming a salon manager. Salon managers often were stylists themselves, but in their role, they oversee salon operations and may have a hand in scheduling, payroll, inventory, bookkeeping, and more.

Start Your Cosmetology Journey at a Top Cosmetology School in Kansas

With so many professions to choose from after you earn your cosmetology license, it’s easy to see why working in the beauty industry could be so rewarding! If you’re looking for a career with opportunities for growth and a way to help make people happy and keep them looking their best, then a cosmetology career is right for you!

Cosmetology classes at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita, Kansas, begin in early 2021, for both full-time and part-time students. Work toward a new you and a new career in the new year by requesting more information about our training programs.