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Career Paths: How to Open Your Own Salon Career Paths: How to Open Your Own Salon

Training from our Kansas Cosmetology School Prepares You for Your Future

Becoming your own boss and working on your own terms is a life goal for many people. Cosmetologists can achieve this goal by opening their own salons, but the process isn’t without obstacles. It requires plenty of experience before setting off on your own.

Following specific steps before your grand opening will help you become successful in your endeavors, like attending cosmetology school, getting licensed, and gaining industry experience.

Where Can I Learn to Become a Cosmetologist?

For aspiring cosmetologists, the only place to learn the trade is an accredited cosmetology school. If you live in Kansas, Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita is an ideal place to practice skills in haircutting and styling, hair coloring, nail care, and makeup application.

Founded by internationally-renowned cosmetologist Eric Fisher, the academy is unique in that its curriculum includes Prosper U, a proven-to-work business curriculum that includes the tools Eric Fisher acquired to make him successful in the industry. The best practices you’ll discover include retailing, retention, rebooking, building great relationships, how to gain referrals, and how to increase your average ticket. With so many cosmetology careers available for school graduates, many do go on to run their own salons and apply what they’ve learned to their daily operations.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Cosmetologist?

The state you live in or the one in which you wish to acquire your cosmetology license dictates how long it takes to become a cosmetologist. In Kansas, you must complete 1,500 hours of training, which is the same amount of time you’ll spend in coursework and practicums at Eric Fisher Academy. Students who attend full-time can complete their coursework in as little as 40 weeks.

After meeting or exceeding the minimum training hours for licensure, you’ll need to pass a licensing exam. In Kansas, this is issued by the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology. The exam tests your knowledge to ensure your skills are polished enough to start your career as a cosmetologist. After passing the state exam, you can then apply for your cosmetology license.

The process and requirements vary by state, so check with yours before enrolling in a cosmetology school near you.

What Do I Need to Learn Before Opening My Own Salon?

Before you can open your own salon, you’ll need to gain industry experience. Most budding cosmetologists start in an entry-level position in an established salon. Becoming a salon manager provides valuable experience that you’ll need. This role teaches you how to run a salon: bookkeeping, inventory, human resources and management, marketing, licensure, taxes, and more.

In cosmetology schools in Kansas, you’ll learn some of these important skills. Real-world application of them will better prepare you to become a business owner.

What Steps Are Necessary to Open My Salon?

After graduating from cosmetology school and getting industry experience, you’re ready to open your very own salon! There are far more things to do than come up with a catchy or elegant name for your business.

Create a Business Plan

Before you can proceed with any steps in the process of opening your own business, you must create a business plan. A business plan explains how your salon will operate, the expenses you’ll face, a description of the roles of the employees you’ll need to hire, the services you’ll offer, your pricing, your marketing plan, financial projections, and more. You must also include an analysis of your competition and your consumer market.

Secure Financing

Starting a business costs money. Financing can come from various sources, including your own savings, private investors, crowdfunding, and financial institutions. The route you choose depends on your personal preferences and the resources available to you. You’ll need this seed money to pay for your location, signage, furnishings, supplies, and merchandise to sell.

Consider also that you’ll need to pay your employees, spend money on marketing, and pay for licenses, permits, utilities, and leasing fees. Adequate financing – but not excessive financing you can never repay – is vital.

Choose a Good Location

Consider not only the physical location of your salon – the building itself – but also the features it provides. Is it adequately sized for the services you plan to offer? Does it fit your aesthetic, or does it need renovation? Is it in an area that’s easy to find? Are there other businesses nearby that nicely complement yours, such as restaurants and shopping? Choosing a high-traffic, visible location can help ensure your new salon’s success.

Apply for Permits and Licenses

Depending on the state where you intend to open your salon, you’ll need to secure a variety of permits and licenses before you can open for business and accept clients. Most salons need documents like:

  • County license
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Sales and uses license for selling retail merchandise
  • Building permit
  • Federal employer identification number (EIN)
  • Salon manager license
  • State cosmetology license, including one for each of your employed cosmetologists

Always refer to state and local laws when determining which licenses you’ll need to secure.

Take the First Step Today

Multiple full-time and part-time cosmetology school start dates are quickly approaching at Eric Fisher Academy after the new year. Request more information, take a tour, and enroll today so you can get started on pursuing your dreams!