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Pursuing a Career in Special Effects Makeup Pursuing a Career in Special Effects Makeup

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Special effects makeup, which is also called SFX makeup, plays an important role in creating looks that tie the subject to the scene in movies, plays and more. These special effects can be as simple as creating a cut or a bruise for a fight scene, or as elaborate as creating an entire extraterrestrial being, like in Star Trek.

Special effects makeup artists learn their craft in cosmetology or esthetics school, and can work for television, movies, editorial photo shoots, and more. You can start your career as a special effects makeup artists at our Wichita makeup artist school here at Eric Fisher Academy.

Special effects makeup artists still need to have all the same skills and abilities as regular professional makeup artists. To be a successful special effects makeup artist, it’s important to have a background in cosmetology and all-around strong knowledge of makeup from products to application.

What is Special Effects Makeup?

Special effects makeup is when cosmetics, and sometimes prosthetics, are used to transform a human subject into something different. It’s unlike the regular cosmetics done by makeup artists, in that it isn’t intended to enhance a subject’s beauty, but instead changes them into a character or gives them physical attributes unlike themselves.

Often, a special effects makeup team will be in charge of applying pre-made prosthetics or smaller on-skin effects. Because of this, special effects makeup artists need to be well trained in how to use materials like on-skin silicone, liquid latex, and gelatin. These materials can all be used to create skin-like pieces ahead of time and can later be attached directly to the skin, creating the appearance of things like scars, cuts, bullet wounds and wrinkles. These can be made to look even more realistic by adding makeup resembling bruises, or blood to a cut or wound to make it look fresh.

Special effects makeup artists are also usually well-trained in prosthetic makeup. Prosthetic makeup is different from regular special effects makeup because it involves prosthetic sculpting, molding, and casting. These advanced prosthetic techniques are used to create more extreme cosmetic effects, such as horns or strong facial features.

Who Employs Special Effects Makeup Artists?

Special effects makeup artists can be employed on many different types of creative projects, from one-time special events to full-time, salaried positions. Generally, special effects makeup is needed in movies, theatre productions, and on television. Some professional makeup artists even work for private clients doing special effects makeup for people who participate in professional cosplay.

Most special effects makeup for movies and TV is for the purpose of showing a character’s injuries. It is also commonly used to make the actors look slightly older to show the passing of time, or slightly younger in a flashback or memory. For more intense movies and TV, such as science fiction or action films, makeup artists get to be extremely imaginative. In those types of genres, they can create things like mutant zombies, cyborgs, aliens, or other mysterious creatures. Special effects makeup artists can also find work with theatre productions, which can range from film school productions and local theater troupes, to performances by well-known stars on Broadway in New York City.

Choosing to have a career as a special effects makeup artist is different than being a traditional professional makeup artist. If you choose to work in film or TV, you will likely work alongside a regular makeup artist, whose focus will be to apply makeup that will positively enhance the appearance of the actors and actresses. As a special effects makeup artist, your focus would be to utilize makeup and other materials like silicone, latex or rubber, to modify the appearance of the actors, and to make their role come to life.

You would spend much of your time using cosmetics and prosthetics to create the appearance of bruises, wounds, abrasions or cuts, blood, old age, deformities, mutations and much more. Just think about the last medical show you watched, or the last horror film that you saw, and picture some of the injuries. As a special effects makeup artist you will get to create those intense looks. Since it can take quite some time to produce these powerful looks, it’s important that you also have great communication and time management skills because you will be spending several hours with the actor or actress in your chair transforming them into character.

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