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Fall 2020 Make-Up Trends You Can Recreate with Your Beauty Training Fall 2020 Make-Up Trends You Can Recreate with Your Beauty Training

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When you attend and complete beauty school or cosmetology classes in Wichita, Kansas, you leave with a wealth of knowledge to get you started in your career. Esthetician school and make-up artist training will teach you the beauty skills and fundamental business knowledge you need to be successful in your career. But, in addition to those skills, it is important that you continuously stay up-to-date on current trends. Clients will expect you to know what’s in style, and staying informed will broaden your talents and skill set, as you will continue to learn new techniques over time.

With the unexpected twists and turns of 2020, there’s a chance your makeup kit has collected a bit of dust over the past several months. Since we’ve all been social distancing this year, there hasn’t really been an occasion to break out the make-up brushes, but now that fall is here it’s time to get the creative juices flowing again. Whether the inspiration comes from an influencer, celebrity, or a retro throw-back pic, you can use the techniques you learned in beauty school to master these fall make-up trends.

Fall Makeup Trends You Can Recreate

According to the leading beauty publications, there are five main trends that are worthy of our attention for fall 2020. They are unexpected color, graphic liner, rethinking pink, smokey eyes, and bold lips.

Unexpected Color

People are ditching the basic black liner and instead opting for a bold swipe of color to brighten their eyes. Characteristically daring colors like blue and orange have been popping up on virtual red carpets and at fall fashion shows. To complete the look, simply add some neutral lip-gloss and a bit of mascara.

Watercolor eyes is a new trend that mixes and matches many different colors to create an abstract shadow shade that, quite literally, looks like an eyelid watercolor painting. Grab some of the unused eyeshadow shades in your collection and give it a try.

Artist eyes are a similar colorful look, but with blocky eyeliner colors. Think less abstract art, and more vibrant and fun colors like you’d see on a funky athletic sneaker.

Colored mascara and white eyeliner have both been making a surprising comeback in 2020. This fall trend is partially gaining popularity because it’s so easy. Simply swipe on a coat of colorful mascara, or line your eyes with white eyeliner to make them look bigger and brighter.

Two-toned eyeshadow is also peaking in popularity lately. Don’t worry, rocking this 2020 fall makeup trend isn’t difficult. Just use one color of eyeshadow on your top lid and a different color on the bottom.

Graphic Liner

Floating eyeliner is definitely one of the looks for fall that stands out more than others. Forget about sticking to the lash line; floating liner should be a crisp clean line following the shape of the eye, but literally floating above and below your natural eye creases. The cooler, slightly messier version of floating liner is smudged floating liner, which, you guessed it, is floating liner, but with smudged or blended lines.

We could say the classic cat-eye is back, but did it ever really go out of style? Add a significantly longer wing to this timeless look for extra drama and to channel some 60s vibes. Be sure to keep the rest of your makeup simple so that your eyes are the center of attention.

Over liner is when you wear liner and eyeshadow just outside of your lash lines. This is a fall 2020 trend because it can help the eyes to appear bigger when done with a more natural color. You can also step outside the box and use black eyeliner to add abstract lines around a cat eye for a contemporary spin on a classic look.

Rethink Pink

Pink is not usually the color that comes to mind when thinking of what’s currently trending. But, when used correctly, touches of pink create a youthful appearance.

The always-feminine shade of dusty rose has recently gotten a chic update. Try applying a singular muted shade on the lips, eyelids, and dare we say, even under the eyes. This monotone approach may seem like something for an older generation, but when done right, it will create an allover rosy glow.

Mauve a great shade of pink for transitioning from warm weather to cooler temps. It’s richer than the shades we typically wear in summer, but not as deep as the usual fall tones like wine. Mauve is flattering on many different skin tones, so give it a try on your lips, cheeks, and eyes and see what you think.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are back, and I’m not mad about it. Three types of smokey eyes have been spotted in fall fashion recently. Overdone black liner with intense and strong black rimmed lids, subtle smokey eyes that are made soft enough for daytime with the addition of a touch of shimmer to inner corners, and smudged liner – which is very similar to a regular smokey eye but with a side of “I don’t care” grunge attitude. As with all bold eye looks, remember to keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

Bold Lips

A bold red lip is a classic staple for any makeup guru. But for fall 2020, the shades are shifting from the classic brick and wine lipsticks to brighter shades, like the poppy orange-based red seen at Oscar de la Renta, which was appropriately paired with a nearly bare face. The more classic colors like oxblood, plum, and burgundy are still popular and on-trend in 2020, but with a clear gloss on top to add a layer of dimension.

Where is a Beauty School Near Me?

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