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Hair Trends You’ll Master in Cosmetology School Hair Trends You’ll Master in Cosmetology School

Learn Hair Styling Secrets in our Wichita, KS Beauty Program

When you attend hair school you will master many techniques to ensure you are prepared to step behind the chair and leave your first client impressed. If you choose to enroll as an Eric Fisher Academy cosmetology student, you will receive hands-on training week after week from award-winning instructors, and you will even work directly with Eric Fisher.

All of the cosmetology school instructors at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita, Kansas have been trained by Eric Fisher himself. Plus, the instructors continuously receive on-going training to further their education by learning the latest techniques on the forefront of the industry. Let’s discuss some of the many different types of hair trends that you will master in your beauty school classes.


Balayage is a freehand highlighting technique that was created by French hair colorists back in the 1970s. Balayage means “to sweep” in French, and the sweeping motion describes how the highlights are applied when using this technique. There is no cap or guide used when doing balayage – it is totally freehanded. Basically, it is like painting on the hair with a brush.

Using this approach allows the stylist to control exactly where the color ends up, giving them more control to place the highlights where they will look best. The end goal of balayage is to create a natural looking sun-kissed head of hair.


Ombre is a popular hair color trend that gives the hair a smoothly blended transition from one distinct color to another. Usually these transitions start with the hair’s natural color at the roots and then gradually transition another shade. Sometimes people do ombre, but with bright vibrant colors, like from dark purple roots to light purple ends. It is different from balayage because it is an all-over color and not a highlight.

Basic Highlights

Highlights and lowlights are probably the most well-known terms when it comes to hair coloring techniques. Using highlights, or a combination of highlights and lowlights, can achieve a fuller look for the hair, by giving it depth of color, texture, and making it more voluminous. Highlights also can be used to draw attention to and frame the face.


In cosmetology classes, you will learn to master a classic blowout so that your clients can walk away with a voluminous head of hair. You’ll get so familiar with the proven-to-work blowout steps that it will become like second nature. Classes also will cover other thermal techniques like hair pressing and properly using a curling iron.

Why are blowouts so important? Because salon owners report that 95 percent of stylists fresh from beauty school fall short of delivering the perfect blowout. The Style with Knowledge program at Eric Fisher Academy goes in-depth on blow-drying techniques, unlike other cosmetology schools. Graduates of this Wichita, Kansas beauty school are ready to successfully style clients hair from day one in the salon.

Women’s Perms

You will learn everything there is to know about creating waves with chemicals. A perm, which is short for a permanent or permanent waves, is the chemical procedure performed by a stylist at a hair salon to transform the hair’s texture from naturally straight to wavy or curly. It is a long-lasting style used to create curls in the hair that remain until your hair grows out. There are several types of perms that you will learn how to do in beauty school, such as spiral perms, body wave perms, pin curl perms, and stack perms.

Men’s Perms

Curly perms are really popular with men’s hair trends right now. Don’t worry about having to learn yet another type of perm process; the perm process is the same for either sex. Men’s perms are pretty much the exact same thing as a women’s perm. Just like spiral curls were very popular for women in the 80s, they are trending again for men and boys of all ages in 2020!

Hair Straightening and Relaxers

Another chemically-enhanced style that you will master is hair straightening using a chemical relaxer. The same type of chemical that is used in a perm to create curly hair, is used to create straight hair. The difference between the two processes is what position you place the hair in, which ultimately determines the shape the hair will form to when the process is over. Hair-straightening relaxers are a great option for your clients with unruly hair.

Asymmetrical Cuts

A haircut that is longer on one side adds dimension to your hair and sharpens your facial features. An asymmetrical cut is a great haircut for thin, straight hair, because asymmetrical cuts look best styled straight. A straightedge bob cut can look flat and boring and even make you appear older – no one wants that. A great twist on this classic look is an asymmetrical bob instead.


Though many of your future clients will likely know how to braid their own hair, your training from beauty school will enable you to create neater braids then they can. You’ll also be able to determine which kind of braids will work best on clients based on their hair texture and color. The most classic and well-known hairstyles you will learn in school is the standard braid. In addition to a standard braid you will learn how to create a French braid and a Dutch braid, which is sometimes referred to as an inside-out French braid. You will also learn how to incorporate braids into fun updos. After you have mastered these three styles of braids, you can move on to the slightly more challenging, but beautiful, fishtail and waterfall braids.


Updos are a very common request when your client has a special occasion to attend. As we all know, updos involve pulling the hair up and away from the face. Updos usually incorporate braiding, curling, and other hairstyling techniques to create the desired look. One particularly common type of updo is the chignon. It is a simple and classic looking knot of hair that is neatly arranged on the back of a woman’s head. To create a true chignon, you need to pin back the hair into a knot at the base of the neck, but there have been lots of variations to this style in recent years.


Hair layering is a very popular method for adding volume to the hair. It works by cutting the hair to create various lengths of hair strands throughout your client’s head. This technique works well on all hair lengths. In addition to volume, there are many benefits of layers like adding volume and movement.

Learn the Latest Hair Trends at Beauty School in Kansas

If you’re ready to master these styles and love working with people every day, then it’s time for you to read more about the program we offer at Eric Fisher Academy. Our fall cosmetology classes start soon!