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Cosmetology Careers to Pursue After Graduation Cosmetology Careers to Pursue After Graduation

What Can You Do After Cosmetology School?

Cosmetology is a craft and a science, with the ultimate goal of beautifying your client. But don’t for a second think that attending cosmetology school will limit your career to a hair stylist in the salon in your hometown. If that is your goal, then Eric Fisher Academy can help get you there, of course. But if you’re interested in something a little more off the beaten path, our expert instructors can help you arrive there, too.

Let’s explore all the places you can go with a cosmetology certificate from Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita, Kansas!

Become a Hair Professional

If you’re all about tradition, cosmetology classes at Eric Fisher Academy can help you become a hairstylist, barber, or hair color specialist. These salon positions are ideal if you want people to look and feel beautiful in their daily lives.

Most of these skilled hair pros work in traditional salons with normal business hours. Some are employed directly by the salon, while others are independent contractors who rent their own booth. Either way, once you’ve built up your clientele, you’re looking at a steady income while doing what you love!

The expert instructors at Eric Fisher Academy, including Eric Fisher himself, will prepare you for these careers by guiding you through the principles of haircutting, styling, and hair coloring. As you develop your skills, you’ll get to practice on real-life clients in the student salon!

Be Your Own Boss

If the idea of reporting to work every day to your supervisor doesn’t sound ideal, consider taking on a career path that leads to being your own boss and owning your own business.

The most common career path we see with regard to self-employment is our students becoming salon owners. Using their industry experience over time, they go into business for themselves and open their very own salon, hire stylists, sell high-quality hair products, and become a valuable member of their business community. Prosper U, a special business curriculum that we offer in our Kansas beauty school, helps to prepare students for positions like salon owner by teaching them smart business practices and relationship-building techniques.

A less traditional job available to our graduates is that of a beauty blogger. Digital-savvy students create their own website, video content for YouTube, and social media pages to cultivate their own personal brand and share their love of hairstyling and make-up with the world. Beauty bloggers earn money through advertising on their content, sponsorships from companies who want them to try and to market their products, and even their own merchandise or speaking engagements. A role like this is perfect for someone with a bit of digital know-how, a likeable personality, and the drive to succeed; it’s a tough business to break into, but it can be very rewarding!

Beautify for Big Days

If traveling to your clients to help them prepare for important events, like fashion shows or weddings, sounds like something you’d enjoy, then becoming a wedding and event stylist or fashion show hairstylist might be a career path to consider after taking cosmetology classes at Eric Fisher Academy.

Every day is different as you visit haute couture fashion events or stunning wedding venues and help models, brides, and their bridesmaids look gorgeous for their big days. Some all-inclusive wedding venues employ their own stylists, or you can set off on your own to form your own business with a partner. A portfolio of work will help you secure clients in the fashion industry, as will the connections you make at our cosmetology school in Kansas.

The Art of Makeup and Nails

You’ll learn about much more than hair-cutting and styling in our cosmetology training program. We also cover make-up application and a variety of nail techniques for students looking to specialize in those areas. Make-up artists have the ability to work in high-end salons and spas, or for themselves as independent artists.

Manicurists or nail technicians also can work in salons or businesses dedicated to the nail arts. Talented nail techs keep up on the latest trends in manis and pedis and can beautify their clients’ nails as they request. Mastering custom designs and nail shapes set apart the best! If you get satisfaction from painting intricate designs on your clients’ nails and pulling off amazing nail art, then focusing your career on becoming a nail tech might be a wise decision.

Hit the Big-Time

Seeking the glitz and glamor of movie sets or Broadway productions? Styling hair and make-up for actors and actresses and stage performers lets you meet your favorite celebrities and make a name for yourself. Learning specialty makeup and prosthetics can get you into this industry and get you hired for jobs for amazing stage performances, TV shows, or movies.

You don’t even need to go to Hollywood to do it! Many full-length films are shot in many big cities, like Austin, TX and Atlanta, GA. Broadway theatres are located nation-wide, and joining a traveling production can let you see and explore the country while you do what you love!

Benefits of Choosing Eric Fisher Academy for Beauty School in Kansas

Eric Fisher Academy is an award-winning school founded by Eric Fisher, one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. At our renowned school, you’ll learn from highly-skilled professionals and celebrity guest artists who visit and network with students, perform demos, and work with them in the student salon, which is open to the public.

Each graduating class produces a runway show to showcase their skills on live models in front of a live audience, and create their own hair and make-up looks during professional photo shoots at the school. Eric Fisher Academy is also the only cosmetology school to offer Prosper U, a proven business curriculum that helps all our students become successful business people.

Full-time and part-time cosmetology classes starting this fall at Eric Fisher Academy are enrolling now. Request more information to get started on your new career path.