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Esthetician Careers to Consider After Getting Licensed in Kansas Esthetician Careers to Consider After Getting Licensed in Kansas

After Esthetics School, You Have So Many Options!

Ask any pro esthetician, and they’ll tell you they love their career because of the flexibility it provides them, not only on the hours they work, but also with the treatments they are able to provide to their valued clients. Licensed estheticians are experts in a lot of areas of the beauty industry and service lines offered at top salons and day spas. You can make a career specializing in one of these services, or expand your options and perform a variety of esthetic services to clients looking to improve their skin, eyelashes, and brows.

Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita can prepare you for a dynamic career as an esthetician — you only need to register for our next esthetics class session! Then, once you’re licensed, you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career helping people look and feel their best.

Become a Make-Up Artist after Esthetician School

A significant focus in esthetics school is the professional application of makeup. Pro make-up artists have lots of options for their careers; they need only make the choice for themselves. Make-up artists can join an elite day spa to apply make-up to luxury-loving clients.

Other pro make-up artists choose to build up their own business and serve clientele needing natural or over-the-top looks for proms, weddings, and other special events. Special effects make-up artists can find extra seasonal employment during the fall at major haunted houses or other attractions; full-time employment for these specialty artists is generally available on film or TV sets, too!

Working as a make-up artist gives you lots of career options — and it’s up to you to make of it what you will!

Own Your Own Spa

If you’re aiming high, why not make it a goal to own and operate your own spa? Spa owners have to have human resources skills, business know-how, and the understanding of esthetics services to keep clients happy and coming back.

Spa ownership can be quite lucrative, but a lot of work and effort comes with it. However, when you own your own business, you can make key decisions to keep your team and yourself happy and enjoying your jobs.

Become a Pro at Hair Removal

Smooth, hairless skin is always going to be on-trend. Waxing is one of the most cost-effective methods of hair removal, so clients come back regularly to maintain their growth on their face, arms, legs, and bikini area.

Because waxing is so in-demand, it’s quite easy for estheticians with a knack for these service lines to get onto a career path, either in a salon, day spa, or standalone waxing center. Waxing is also a great add-on for estheticians who prefer providing facials, so you can even combine a few of your favorite-to-perform services to create custom esthetics packages for your valued clients and maximize your profits.

Lash Extensionist Careers

Long, luxurious lashes are a must-have for brides, bridesmaids, and people seeking everyday beauty! Estheticians who are particularly skilled at performing lash extensions or other eyelash treatments could find a niche for themselves in this service line.

All Eric Fisher Academy esthetics students will practice their lash extension and lash tinting skills in class and in our student salon and spa.

Use your Esthetics Training to Work for a Beauty Brand

Make-up brands and major retailers need well-trained, licensed estheticians to help them market and sell their products. If the corporate world is calling your name after graduation, then you might want to pursue a career as a beauty brand representative or trainer.

As a rep or trainer, you can tout the benefits of the beauty products your company sells, while providing demonstrations and professional training to other estheticians on how to use them.

A cosmetic buyer is responsible for keeping retail stores stocked with the most desirable products and knowing what their customers are looking for when they come into the physical store location or shop online. Buyers not only find great products to include in their inventory, but also determine how many of each item they’ll need to have in stock to make successful sales.

Work in Beauty Media

Esthetics students with a background in media may enjoy working as a beauty editor for a magazine, or become a self-employed beauty blogger.

In both roles, a licensed esthetician is looked to as an expert and selects information about products and esthetic treatments to share with their audiences. Both need to have their hands on the pulse of the esthetics world and stay up-to-date on the industry to keep their content relevant. Staying ahead of the latest trends is a great way to make sure your audience hears it from you first!

A beauty editor at a top magazine should have knowledge of journalism and writing, whereas a beauty blogger is more self-made and relies on their personalities and knowledge to help build a fan base of followers willing to buy your line of products and watch your video content. Top beauty bloggers with lots of followers may also earn sponsorships from beauty brands, who will ask them to be a spokesperson for their products or talk about their benefits in your videos or social media.

Choose a Top Esthetics School in Kansas

Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita is an award-winning school founded by Eric Fisher, one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. Here, you’ll learn from highly-skilled professionals and practice your esthetics skills on real clients in our student salon.

Each graduating class produces a runway show and holds a professional photo shoot to showcase their skills and build their portfolios. Eric Fisher Academy is also the only esthetician school to offer Prosper U, a proven business curriculum that helps all our students become successful business people.

Esthetics classes starting this fall at Eric Fisher Academy are enrolling now. Request more information to get started on your new career path.